Hello world! Final Polarity!!

Hello World! I’ll say…


Interesting post that you have written there, but the way I see it is that there are basically two competing power blocs of power brokers that are in contention for global power and a world government and their own version for a New World order.


The only two powers are the national quagmire all divided yet homogenized on keeping the refrigerator cold, and the globalists, who now have samplings from the top of all the national powers they formerly were in the realm of, and still “subscribe” to for visual effect, but they consider themselves super-sovereigns of the “north” world system. The “north” globalist feeds on the base “south” nationals as in the finality of Daniel 11.

The fragments of South America and Africa and other satellite powers make no difference, the one to bring to it’s knees is the rest of the Middle East, the rest of Asia, and Russia, and thay are in the bag.

The bag is density. By the globalist control of EU and US national systems, 50% total world control is directly in their power system, they own America and all the EU nations, just a matter of time.

By proxy they have another 15-25% world control directly in their gravitational pull, like India, Japan, Iraq, Mexico, 80% of SA and Africa, etc, etc.

So that leaves Russia and China behind an 8 ball that has nothing to do with projections of future economic growth from that big 8th king fueled illusion, but where things stand right now. The 8th King globalists have 75% total controlled war potential in just Global NATO. There is no way the Russians and all the satellites with China and the rest could repeat this consolidation that took the pre-8th King system in the 7th King UK and US convergence 150 years to accomplish by mathematical intake.

Really once England assumed 25% world resource control in 1860, with the dominant finance model, the .006% constant averaged consolidation to today’s proportions began then. Since then the budding globalists never looked back. WW1, WW2, cold war, fed the central globalist system wealth and technological advancement for their use first, they sold it to both sides, they financed the whole thing, they indebted all the combatant nations including their own with debt magnitudes commensurate with the hard wealth they skipped off with.

There never has been two powers at globalist level, JUST the wildbeast-2-horner of Rev13:11 master engineers, the demon intellectual portal to control the rest, and to build the “image” hub system, and eventually empower the “north” scarlet wildbeast, upon the “south” nationalist wildbeast, all pawned, owned and controlled by them, the nationalist system is their base of basic operations, WHILE those national powers imagine they still have sovereign independence. (Rev17:12-18)

So statistically, that is the “king north”, 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” globalist true top global polarity forming that cannot be simply reversed. Even a world war, mathematically and strategically is in the 8th King globalist favor, it will pummel the Chinese, Russian and any other hold outs in pound for pound decimation until they are on their knees, by sheer math of Global NATO’s dominant magnitude, even if it was just 50% war potential globally. But who knows what extra developments may come into play in globalist control? Russia and China are toast, let’s put it that way, and if those two “pit bulls” are finger-foods, the “poodles” will all be eaten soon as well until this is ended. The little powers are inconsequential, they will do as they are told soon enough.

World war, or big war will also pummel and “tenderize” their own national masses into complete 666 ring kissing. That is the ultimate goal, even beyond exterminating BTG’s sovereignty which WW is the electric knife and meat grinder of BTG, and absorbing that quadrillion in hard assets, maybe more into the 8th King plates. Anything BTG has in flowing live investment in banking and markets already belongs to the globalists. She will soon be unprotected roast turkey at the nationalist Piranha festival of improving their “credit score” with the globalist master credit system, with BTG offerings for new loans. That is how BTG’s “body parts” are fed to the globalist scarlet wildbeast, breakfast in bed, hand fed by the national “kings” in fear; Rev18:9-10

A world war scenario also fits the previous two WW global “problems”, mini-GTs that gave ” birth” to and further presented that 8th King (1919) “League of Nations” and (1945) “United Nations”  very handy globalist “solutions” “just in time!”, this third round will be the same heavy GT birth labor formula to accept the big ugly 8th King globalist monster baby as the “only solution for world peace” once again. This is the last we will see of those guys; Rev19:19-21; Dan11:44-45

But as far as the statistical upper hand, the 8th King globalists are like a lion versus a pit bull of any bloc of national powers. Russia or China alone are a mere fat wiener dogs versus the 8th King lion. Iran is a toy poodle in the long run. Percent for percent current power control, the globalist system is a 700 pound super-horned predator versus at most a 250 pound rival cow.

The world has been taken down by mathematical well applied principles from England for 300 years, joined by the “Revolution” pup in that fake American Revolution, which was just a central bank ” wound” to install that virus into, in 1791 in America for example, that virus went full “Mr. Hyde” in 1914 in the Federal Reserve, the steering wheel system of the US governmental architecture into globalist super-system puppet shows.

There is only one 8th King globalist system. The rest is engineered division by overly focused “conspiracy theory” on meaningless terms like “illuminati”, that are real groups, but have changed into a private identity years ago, all that furnishes is more seeds of division, the final meaning of the clay and iron, and by the ” toes” phase time, is a fine mix that cannot hold the national systems together as they are divided, divided again, and divided again and conquered without a shot fired. The shots will be for effect, when the GT 666 campaign and BTG is ready for devouring and providing that handy WW womb to birth the final globalist government. Convenient depop is also doable in that scenario.

At that point Rev19:19-21 (earth) 20:1-3 (Dragon/Gog) is also Daniel 11:44-45 is also Ezekiel 38 is also Dan2:44 is also 2Thess1:6-10 is also Joel 3:9-12 is also Rev14:17-20 is also Zeph 3:8 is also the Armageddon “place” final battle for planet earth AND the universal spaces. The “north” 8th King polarity ties it all together, and that is why God wants them there when the real “King of Heaven North” Christ can then come and feed them all to the dogs, in one big dog and bird food bowl of their own design, unified yet divided at the same time. BAM! “War of the Great Day of God the Almighty”.

(Revelation 14:6-8) And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, and he had everlasting good news to declare as glad tidings to those who dwell on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people, 7 saying in a loud voice: “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of the judgment by him has arrived, and so worship the One who made the heaven and the earth and sea and fountains of waters.” 8 And another, a second angel, followed, saying: “She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen, she who made all the nations drink of the wine of the anger of her fornication!(Rev17:15-17; Rev11:11-13; Rev16:17-20)