8th King/King North World Government as Simple as Possible

8th King/King North World Government as Simple as Possible

National Progression Prophecy Leads and Merges With Globalist Progression Prophecy

1. The national “seven headed wildbeast” progression terminates into 7th King, 7th “head” Anglo-American world power in a national sense. (Rev13:1); That 7th King Anglo-American national progression proceeds with the globalist 8th King designate who arose for the first time in 1919 (League of Nations) at the same approximate time as the 7th King became an official Anglo-American national alliance (WW1).

2. The 7th King and 8th King designate both appear at approximately the same time in 1914-1919 and both proceed in their respective final world developments and both progressions are fully prophetic. 

A. While the 7th King is going into nation-state power based 7th King zenith over the intervening century since 1914, the 8th King is the United Nations “image of the wildbeast” (Rev13:11-15; Rev17:8-11) designate of final world government rulership not yet realized as complete world government also in a progressive development toward that objective of climax global sovereignty. 

3. The United Nations (UN) is the “image” of world government “scarlet wildbeast” totality (rev17:8-11), not world government, not yet the real thing, the true 8th King of Revelation 17:11-18 culmination.

4. The progressive approximately century long 7th King nation-state power rise and fall in progressive decline and eventual final cycle subservience to the 8th King “King North” globalists (Dan11:42-43) must define the globalist 8th King ascendancy into final human world government complete power. (Dan11:45; 1Thess5:1-3) 

5. The 7th King deposition is in national sovereign power of the whole global nation-state system, not destruction, and it will become known globally as the 8th King ascendancy into world government will also become known.

6. While the 7th King proceeds from 1914 in world history and prophecy convergent to the zenith of Anglo-American national alliance power, the 8th King begins (1914-1919) the first of four cycles of world war-to-world-government globalist world power development. 

Four UN 8th King Cycles

1. The 8th King forming system always resolves those hot and cold (Dan11:29) world war conflicts into a UN presentation in 1919, 1945 and 1990, after WW1, WW2 and Cold WW3 in the first three cycles of four total. 

2. All four UN manifestations are in prophecy at:

(1.) WW1 resolved in 1919 as UN 1 at Revelation 13:11-15 (Daniel 12:11 first fulfillment), 

(2.) WW2 resolved in 1945 as UN 2 at Revelation 17:8-11;

(3.) Cold WW3 resolved in 1990 as UN 3 at Daniel 11:31b, Daniel 8:23a;

(4.) Tribulation resolves in the future as UN 4 (world government) as Daniel 8:25, Daniel 11:45, Daniel 12:11 (final fulfillment);

3. Those four UN 8th King cycles are ALL in prophecy. Daniel 11:30-45 and Daniel 8:23-25 are 3rd UN (1990; Dan11:31b, Dan8:23) to 4th UN (future; Dan11:45; Dan8:25) sequences that connect those final two UN placements of the four total, to the first two UN placements of 1919, and 1945.

4. The fourth cycle of this now obvious world-war-to-world-government formula will be the one to finally produce full 8th King world government.

JW Problem: Co-Developing Apostasy and Cover-up Subversion from Bethel 

1. In essence Bethel says God by prophecy does not foretell 8th King world government completion. 

2. Bethel has actually been spiritually stalled well before the 1990 complete spiritual coup and UN NGO. Basically since 1945 Bethel has nothing new to say about the 8th King world developments. It is the “Governing Body” dictatorial coup that becomes the particular management device of 1976, between 1945 successful UN explanations and 1990 zero UN explanations, that has achieved this subversion “gradually”. (Dan8:12);

3. To aid this implication and to keep JWs from looking deeper Bethel sells the delusion the UN “image” is the end of the world power progression. Aiding this delusion the 7th King national world power system is the pinnacle of world power in that nation-state realm. King North is covered over with USSR national bloc fictions. The King of Fierce Countenance is covered over with WW2 era Anglo-American 7th King national power fictions.

4. Thus the Bethel subversion uses past prophetic error from periods before the 3rd UN 8th King activity of 1990, and simply continues the illusion into delusion as if that 3rd UN placement never did occur, as if it is insignificant in all aspects of it’s “New World Order” presentation.

5. Daniel 8 and 11 final 8th King details are further covered up with WW2 and Cold War national significance fictions, and all those national level distractions which are incompletions are used to divert JW awareness to the past. Since 1990 and that actually greatly significant 3rd United nations “New World Order” placement, Bethel has been using former interpretation of Daniel 8:11-25 and Daniel 11:27-45 to cover up 8th King King North activity from a period whose subsequent globalizing developments prove those former interpretations are invalid.

6. The Governing Body makes certain no prophecy is updated past 1969 understanding.

8th King Totality of Meaning Unknown to Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Jehovah’s witnesses have no idea the globalist King North climax and finality must be the globalist 8th King. Jehovah’s witnesses have no idea King of Fierce Countenance finality must be the 8th King. As the national sovereign progression converges into 8th King global sovereignty (Rev17:11-18), so do the prophetic symbols also converge into 8th King globalist totality foretelling that final globalization “gathering” into one 8th King defiant entity. (Rev11:11-18, Rev16:13-16; Dan8:25, Dan11:45, Dan12:11)

2. Bethel conceals the 3rd UN placement significance as prophecy and even significant in relation to 8th King forming globalization that accelerated from 1990 forward changing the globalizing nature of government, finance and military that even the world’s secular researchers explain thoroughly. 

3. Thus JWs cannot connect Daniel 8 and 11 to final 8th King globalizing activity since 1990. JWs do not recognize Daniel 8 and 11 are where the 3rd and 4th 8th King manifestations are foretold.

4. In the very prophetic sequence that began this UN 3rd cycle in 1990, there is the reason why JWs are not finishing the prophetic forecast to 8th King world government. The final apostasy ALSO forms in the same Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-35 sequences that result in the 3rd UN placements of Daniel 11:8:23a, Daniel 11:31b. 

5. Both Daniel 8:11-14, 23-25 and 11:27-45 describe the overall 3rd and 4th UN 8th King progression.

Final Temple Judgment Unknown to Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Thus Jehovah’s witnesses are unaware the apostasy will trigger a final temple judgment, and that desolation by divine requirement for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” (Dan8:13-14) is going to be sold to JWs with the premature “end of the world” delusion that the Daniel 11:44 overly advanced positioning and this subversion of interpretation will allow.

2. It will be tribulation, but it goes on for some years, and it, like WW1, WW2, and Cold WW3 is designed to resolve and end into 8th King world government at the end of this fourth 8th King cycle that it will be starting at that time as Daniel 11:42-43.

3. Jehovah’s witnesses are not understanding the four cycles of the world-war-to-world-government are also completing in Daniel 8 and 11 to complete the first two UN cycles that Jehovah’s witnesses did explain as prophecy and world events properly in 1919 and 1945 progressively.

4. Breaking the prophecy and significance of the 3rd UN placement is breaking the continuum of the 3rd and 4th UN placements in Daniel 8 and 11. Thus Jehovah’s witnesses are not even considering Daniel 8 and 11 as 8th King final details, and are leaving Daniel’s prophecy disconnected from that important final 8th King continuum. (Dan11:36)

5. Now as Daniel 11:42-45 fourth and final 8th King cycle to world government to start soon and terminate at Daniel 11:45 convergence into Daniel 12:11 final fulfillment activates the whole Daniel 12:7, 11 final fulfillment replication, Jehovah’s witnesses are not understanding the final 8th King cycle requirement, it’s approximated duration, and it’s world government completion significance over final years of global tribulation designed to resolve into 8th King King North full world government is what is actually to manifest next.

6. Bethel has all that reality in prophecy and coming 8th King world government culminating development since 1990 covered up with interpretive diversion and deceptions designed to make one thing look like another thing, “the end”, to Jehovah’s witnesses.


JWs do not perceive:

1. Daniel 8:11-25 and 11:27-45 are apostasy, temple judgment and the 3rd and 4th UN placement details resulting in 1990 events to climax in the fourth cycle of 8th King world government in the future.

2. King South is the nation-state global system under 7th King Anglo-American predominance from Daniel 11:27-45. King North is globalist ascendant 8th King world power finality that the 7th King national system becomes subservient to. (Daniel 11:42-43);

3. Daniel 11:42-45 must converge into Daniel 12 final fulfillment in the “during that time” of the final 8th King cycle.

4. Daniel 11:45 must merge into Daniel 12:11 final fulfillment meaning as complete 8th King final “palatial tents” and “disgusting thing” placement.

5. King North and King of Fierce Countenance are 8th King world government final development and actual culmination.

6. 8th King world government is coming as the “scarlet wildbeast” complete global entity the UN “image” pictures and is beyond the 7th King and UN “image” in scope and finality of power.

7. The 7th King nation-state system must be made subservient by and superceded by actual full 8th King global world government sovereignty over the final cycle.

8. That 8th King world government completion is what triggers Christ’s arrival and serves as the gauging global context in the “seven trumpet” and “seven plague” sequence. 8th King world government completion is prophetic, necessary and guaranteed in 8th King world government completion to allow a climax sovereign response from God upon a globally conglomerated rival world 8th kingdom. (Rev11:15-18);

9. Daniel 12:7 replications repeats the same 1260 day sequence in Revelation 11:2-3. Thus Revelation 8-11 and Revelation 16 repeat in final form.



Full Size Posters of Above Graphics (If Unavailable in full size, see the very bottom of this post);

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10 thoughts on “8th King/King North World Government as Simple as Possible

      • I attend the Milky Way, Perseus Arm, Orion Spur, planet Earth. Anything more specific has no set routine. John 4:21-24

        It is due to special developments that made Matthew 24:15 the modern command for a “wilderness” locale.

      • Sandra, the reality that Christ gives advice useful in modern context proves for us he is very real and awaiting the arrival, but after a full fair open salvation offer is made known even if it alone cannot “complete the circuit” of the world territory. (Matt10:23, Rev14:6-7)

        The whole scenario of JW engineered lawlessness by their own GB “man of lawlessness” and “evil slave” leadership which causes stumbling for many, is because these mow being stumbled (Dan11:32-35) have not come to realize (yet) it is the required final apostasy signal prophecy which fulfills first as in 2Thess2:1-4 general principle in JW Daniel 11:32a actual modern JW apostasy. And that is all in Daniel 11:30-31 connection with that 1990 covered up 3rd global-historic UN presentation after the end of the unique Cold War cycle (Dan11:29). IN REALITY that is the 3rd UN prophecy (1919>1945>1990>eventual world government next).

        That is the period and the one modern “disgusting thing” JWs adjoined as UN NGO (Matthew 24:15 modern signal) rather than inform the world the “disgusting thing” is alive and well and making progress in that 1990 3rd United Nations presentation— even “standing in a holy place” right into the JW “temple” of the supposed but former anointed Christian ministry. (They also cover-up the truth King North is the globalism system progress to eventual world government “8th King” in full completion— not the USSR or now Russia KN decoy diversions)

        1. Thus this spiritual-takeover dilemma we are in in the JW organized-apostasy actually builds faith rather than weakens it, when we KNOW this is true. JW apostasy will ignite a major final “temple judgment” (Dan8:13-14) that starts as parallel Revelation 8 “fire of the altar” eventual temple cleansing to that Daniel 8:14 “right condition”. Then (as the global prophecy context parallel), over several years it will all unfold in the world “sword stroke” Rev13:3 context (Dan11:41-43) to a global “healing” into the real “KIng North”=”8th King” world government and the “last witness” warning of what it means unfolds as the temple is judged, cleansed and recovered (Zech3:1-5, Mal3:1-5), which is the real prophecy entity the GB has been covering up in full blown manner since 1990.

        2. Thus it is special circumstances which have driven us to the “mountain” “wilderness” because of trouble brewing in JW “apostate Jerusalem” of our times. IF it was all led by Christ for real, we would all be worshiping with Jehovah’s witnesses identified ministry. But as real witnesses of God, we cannot share in clear terminal GB led apostate lawlessness which fulfills dire first signal prophecy of coming mega-judgment on the spiritually-defunct JW ministry. That is the intent of Christ’s command of Matthew 24:15 as applied to JWs foray with that UN NGO for the UN Secretariat in the UN DPI “departments and offices” branch of the “UN System” as part of the slightly older “UN Outreach Programme” which is all in Wikipedia to show any covenant with that modern “disgusting thing” entity of rival sovereignty with the Kingdom of God, is dead-serious, it is the next step from governments to organizations to the people of the world of Revelation 13:15-18 (which is under complete world government in the deep future leading to Christ “Messianic Kingdom arrival”, not that many years really, but enough).

        So, just like the Christians of 66-70 CE, we have to wait in the outskirts, we still worship because it is life, but not with apostate JW criminals in the sold-out “Kingdom Halls” because they have made covenants with others (as JW leaders and others are now that Dan11:30b “those leaving the holy covenant”).

        Be patient because the final fixes are actually everything the GB has been concealing as KN-Partners, and its first chapter is the Daniel 8:13-14 timed and phased temple judgment desolation of the JW ministry— and as we see, it is actually aided by the GB from within (the GB’s own “self fulfilling prophecy” has sanctioed the end of JW ministry) and, they plan to sell that desolation of JW Org globally to JWs AS IF “the end” (2Thess2:1-2 fraud), but it is not the end, it is the the end of the JW apostasy, the world just runs the full course to world government where the prophecy already also merges into the Christ arrival.

        Like where Daniel 11:44-45 must converge in timing into the Daniel 12 prophecy. The recovery must come after JW Org desolation, and many unanswered questions will become known, we have to be patient and wait to see. But “the good news of the Kingdom” is in a detour in apostasy as per prophecy, it is NOT “all’s done, all’s good” as JWs are now misled to believe, FAR FROM IT!


      • In the late 80s I did, in the “Southland”, I was in Orange though the whole place seems like one big town. I worked on “East Orange” which is now a whole planned community in built form. At the time there was only a few “model homes” on the edge of Peter’s Canyon Reservoir there in east Orange.


        My friends lived in various places like Anaheim and Long Beach, Newport, Irvine, etc. I lived right off the 22, I could ride to work easily, and I was up at Sunset Chin Chin Restaurant like every weekend. I still recommend Chin Chin, lol


        I hope to return, but in LA is where I would situate around Sunset, I used to train on a mountain bike like the Sierra Alta Way road off the strip,


        it was very steep and quiet at the top at night with a great view. But, as you may guess, the area has a lot of memories and experiences, I like it.

        Hopefully I can do that again some time.

        I am doing some more articles at JWUpdate.wordpress.com, just FYI:


        Trying to keep it simpler now that things can be summarized in one larger picture, and now that the GB has to start to make some [new] final deceptive announcements prior to WT Planned Implosion.

        You may like https://www.reddit.com/r/exjw/, for example they have many questions asked on the new KN=Russia GB decoy announcement. But, as you know many xJWs are not yet seeing the real first cause of the situation and what it means. But they are very civil in that subreddit. They are growing like crazy, because it really is a Mass JW Exodus, hopefully they all Matt24:15 flee soon.

      • Eloquent ,like a harmonious song the way you write and speak . Did you go to college or did you aquire that as a JW in the kingdom ministry school?
        Oh…and on a serious note! I feel the JW IS closest to the true faith that there is if there is one true faith-religion because even if I were to quickly stumble because I ran across a video showing Stephen Lett wearing a freemason ring I dont see any other religious group that can offer me anything better! And like you say in some of your writings these men hijacked the G.B completely of which I dont completely agree that all 7 men are F.M . To accomplish the preaching work worldwide in such a organized manner had to have Almighty YAWEH-YAHUA-AHAIJA (holy spirit (not quite sure what the true pronunciation is anymore ,all I know is that JESUS -YESHUA IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE something I feel J..W’ S dont emphasize enough . There has to be one true annointed in that group. I felt possibly brother Sanderson and brother Splane possibly .I dont see any other religious groups coming to my door to offer me free bible study’s?
        Maybe this is the pearl hidden in the field that the man found and hid!!!
        Ok …Mark, to be honest I am very confused right now and going to go workout at the gym to clear my mind because stuff is about to hit the fan and I truly want to make sure I am playing on right team in this spiritual warfare I go thru on a daily basis. I dont even have to leave my home !!!
        Talk to you when I get back from my workout!

  1. I want to help these nice sincere people at my hall if thee almighty god and Jesus loving christ want to use me …”I am here to help expose the tricksters ” This is truly a life saving mission Mark! Maybe risky too! But you have to be willing to give your life for your brothers and sisters like JESUS did to save real humans from extinction! “There is no Greater Love than this”

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