Human Immortality Purpose

Comprehensive Immortality in Revelation’s Trees

Comprehensive Immortality Purpose: Revelation’s Spirit and Human Immortality Purpose Prophecy

Draft: November 12, 2019 (PDF Version)



Definitions: God’s Immortality Versus the World’s “Immortality

Background Overview

The Friendly Arrival
Background on the Apostasy of Jehovah’s Witnesses Meaning and Purpose

The “We are Here in Prophecy” Marker
Jehovah’s Witnesses Apostasy Proofs
The Future Final Cycle Features

God Guides His Prophecy Time, Not Humans

The Comprehensive Immortality Completion Purpose

Revelation 22:14 and Human Immortality at the End of Christ’s Thousand Year Reign
God’s “Image” and Will is Immortal Indestructibility “…On Earth, as in Heaven…”
Atonement Unto Human Perfection Tree
Post Satanic Testing Human Immortality Tree
Human Immortality as the Objective of “God’s Will Done on Earth” (as in Heaven)
Exposing the Current Jehovah’s Witnesses Revelation 21-22 Error Complex
Lamb’s Scroll of Immortal Human Conquerors

The Tree of Immortality Spirit and Human
The Tree of 12 Fruits Revelation 22
The Immortal Holy Angels of the “Crown of the Woman” of Revelation 12
God’s Immortality ‘Will Done’ Everywhere
Why Human Beings Must Finally Conquer the Devil

The Future “Genesis Again”

The Matthew 19:28 ‘ReGenesis’ in Christ
The Revelation 20-22 Loop Back to [Re]Genesis 1-3
Human Immortality Empowers Animal Everlasting Life
One Place: “Hades” Dust, for Now…
The Adamic Death Prison Warden
The Genesis “Ground”
“Through a Man”

The Blessing Is New, Certain and Immortal
Which Brings Us to the Tree
The Earthly Anointed Christians
Earthly-Anointed Christian Human Immortality to Seal Everlasting Life for All Animal Beings of Earth
New Covenant Pattern for Final True World Peace Covenant
Human is Where the Testing Occurs for Both Immortal Estates
Earth-Sheep of the Revelation 14:14-16 Living Sacrifice Gift to God from Christ
More Earthly-Anointed Proofs
Sheep Relocation: Angel Camp Zion
Spoils of the War of the Great Day of God the Almighty
Christ Gathering All Things
All Things Made New By God Through Christ
All Causes for Tears WIPED OUT

New Earth
New Overall Planetary Life Nature
God’s Christ Supra-Universal Clock and Timepiece

New Specific Animal Life Nature
What Kind of a Kingdom Would it Be?
The Global Magnitude of the Corporate Religion Error
It is Supposed to Require SEARCHING to Find It
The Comprehensive Immortality Effect
The Kingdom of Death and Its House Members
The Eternal Death of Death
Death’s Death Certificate Process in Christ One Thousand Years + “a little while”

The Ultimate Showdown

Forget the Talking Snake of Ventriloquist Satan
The “8th King” World Government “Great Tribulation” Final Phase as the “Four Winds” Period

Satanic Strategy Evolution since Eden and Noah’s Day

Noah’s Day “Super-Humans”: Giants required to better control them
Post Edenic Noachian World: First World Government Attempt
Nimrod’s Time and the Second World Government Attempt
Future Third World Government Successful Completion

Four 8th King UN Cycles to World Government – 1919-Future
Final Prophecy Continuum (Gauged on Seven Trumpets by Temple Judgment Time, Takes More Than a Decade from Temple Judgment Time)
“Temple mystery religion” and core priesthood
Political Symbol: The “Masculine” Babylon “Gentile” Globalist and the “Babylon the Great” Religious Sovereignty Symbols
Religious Symbol: The ” Feminine” “Babylon the Great” ” Harlot” Babylon Symbology
Satan’s “Gog” “Kingship” in World Government
Real Divine “Doomsday”: On The Fallen Angelic Super-Addicts
“The Star” Devil and Demon Killer

Judgment Day Restoration: Justice Must Restore all Former Victims, Not Just Account the Crimes

The Christ Final Arrival is as Friendly and Life-Positive as His First Arrival

Bypassing the Religion Detour and Obstacle
The Map of Prophecy Milestones to World Government and the Christ Arrival
The “Last Witnesses” Two Witnesses Final “Little Scroll” Testimony Has to Be Massively Unique and Complete

Future Proof Now: Unraveling Jehovah’s Witnesses Apostasy in Prophecy

Why Prophecy Repeats
Common Erros
Can’t Second Guess God Almighty “Appointed Times”

How Common Errors in Jehovah’s Witnesses Can Turn Deadly
Live and Real-Time Prophecy Wake Up Call Coming
The “Little Scroll” Has to Be Uniquely Massive in Harmony and Universal Import
Placing the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ UN NGO and Apostasy at the Historic Scene of the Crime:

1990 Third United Nations “Place the disgusting thing” of Daniel 11:31a, Daniel 8:23a.
“Befouled” Spiritually Polluted Jehovah’s Witnesses and the GB WTBTS Dirty Laundry

Timed Temple Judgment Period and Purification Purpose

“Corporate Christianity Airlines” “Plane Has Smashed into the Mountain” Global Diversion Effects
The Future Prophecy Timeline to 2034 (Gen6:3)