King North Multi-Realm Sovereign Symbol

“King North” is Multi-Realm Rival Sovereign Symbol – Satan and His Globalist World System Final Sovereign Ascendancy (Daniel 11 King of the North)


Virtually Invisible

What this report will examine is how the actual world power polarity in the final Adamic human period of sovereign independence from God  is “globalism” versus “nationalism” as the evolution of actual governmental entities that employ that diverse scale of governmental power potential. Globalist “versus” nationalist is a misnomer phraseology because that “versus”, is although a true quest for domination, a co-existing and cooperative symbiotic synergy is necessary for BOTH power systems to operate and sustain themselves, serving a sovereign objective at all levels of world power.

The ultimate division is the ultimate unification.

The rise of the globalist system is on the decline of the national system. Yet the globalist power is the pinnacle “north” that this system will achieve as symbolized by the 8th King scarlet wildbeast system final ascendancy, mirroring and employing the national seven- headed wildbeast system; (Rev13:1) which it operates through by special elite super-powerful Anglo-American technocratic super-governance AND willing or artfully coerced  national power cooperation; (Rev13:11).

Prerequisite National Viral DNA Infection

The national powers in the majority were already polarizing into the 7th King Anglo-American model of the operation of national finance, governmental regulatory and military power systems with extended globalist interface. The former Soviet “King of the North” system was not a model of governance that ended up dominating the world national or globalist scène. This is how the 7th World Power system of the UK/US system came to dominate over 50% of the world resources, and another 15-25% by proxy of power dependent and or controlled by this central national power with elite globalist ties from 25% in Britain’s sphere of control in 1860 to today’s 50%+. That cannot be reversed by another power system on earth.

By 7th King eventual subservience, such as financial, to the master power system engineers (Rev13:11) which designed it, the 8th King assumes actual control; (Rev13:1-15; Rev17:12-18). Other world national powers are affected by the globalist grandiose ideologies present in the “image of the wildbeast” UNO system which appeal to national sovereign preservation and expansion of member nation-states by a globalist assisted international governance.

That is how the “King of the South” still ends up symbolizing it’s former and current Anglo-American zenith national 7th King system as previously understood in the 1914 era approximate developments, which affect all the territorial “captured” “Land of Egypt” resources/systems; (Dan11:42b) of the worldwide national systems running the Anglo-American governing, financial, and military “DNA” through increasingly powerful corporate “project managers” engineering the key interface to an economic, banking/investment and market engine increasingly globalized and stealth in it’s architectures. That is how the background world national powers also fall into 8th King, King of the North control cooperatively. This final “polarity” “balances” itself into globalist top down control upon national base systems co-existing.

Tossed Salad Mortar

“Democracy”, “communism”, “socialism” and “capitalism”, etc, etc, though formerly philosophical demarcations of world power polarity, are meaningless in the final evolution now, all the systems employ complex and deceptive hybrid applications and veneers. The zenith of the nation-state to decline was also the end of the usefulness of those ideologies in any “pure” form to actually apply power globally, now they are handy distractions and masses level propagandas, and seeds of useful “divide and conquer” engineered diversions and divisions. Globalist world rulership strategists use that “confusion” cell to serve destabilizing any potential uniting threat, keeping human society in a diffused state of powerless pockets.

Two Poles – One Globalist Magnet

The King of the North it will be shown in the earthly realm, has become the cooperatively dominant system in Anglo-American inspired globalist ascendancy to the pinnacle north apex (8th King) of this active global polarity of how power is actually distributed in the total world system now upon national cooperation and mutual symbiosis. This is the reason why the King of the North, King of the South “pushing” is now in the same direction (sovereign preservation), a balance, and why they are not in a traditional hot war conflict.

The “gathering” of “all the [national] kings of the earth” to that Armageddon “crystallization”  is also a reflection of this cooperative global polarization around this “northern” 8th King system, within also pre-polarized national systems already aligning into the 7th King national finance/governmental/military triad model with materialistic commercialized consumption mass system, mass distraction, and mass media aids.

The national powers voluntarily “give their [national] kingdom[s] to the [globalist] wildbeast [scarlet]” 8th King. Therefore the power-shift of true “power and authority” is transferred into the globalist 8th King system, WHILE the national powers imagine they are preserving their former sovereignty; (Rev17:12-18). Financial polarity into globalist realms of international operation, networking and administration are how that supra-national globalist super-system aligned the national powers by economic/financial dependence into this mutual relationship and masterful illusion and cooperating collective.

Much of the “seven-headed” “scarlet wildbeast” globalist 8th King system (Rev17:3) is from the super-structure of the national first wildbeast systems (Rev13:1) then controlled by this transformation in true power and authority, so this is more than the UN “image of the wildbeast”, but centered around it’s “diadem” 8th King controllers, yet having physical power systems.

The 8th King/KingNorth is a finalizing evolution into this state (scarlet wildbeast) after the “image of the wildbeast” developmental base is a functioning “image”, “forum” and “hub” system since 1919 ‘League of Nations”, assembling an entourage of global elite organizational and technocratic aiding systems to help this transformation actually take place in the national power systems as well evidenced after the United Nations 1945 rendition of this 8th King super-system in development to apex coming very soon employing real, physical systems provided in this power transference from national to globalist.

Invisibly Pervasive

The enormous complexity of the global and ionospheric/space super- system, the massive global resources it is attempting to control, and “demon inspired expressions” aiding it add to it’s “invisibility”. This virtually invisible 8th King globalist “take over” upon a zenith national 7th king pre-requisite alignment being basically distributed virally worldwide through financial systemic dependence first into the national power system is very hard to detect, it is structurally invisible in finance symbologies, and legal system legislation at also enormous magnitudes. The globalist appeal has enamored the rest outside of this orbit, like a bug to the the UN light, so all are now affected in some systemic level of this globalist strategic consolidation and global positioning through many regional, national and global points. These hinge on the same triad of strategic finance, modified governmental authority and military power alignment from national, to globalist advantage.

Part 1 – Polarizing the Magnet

Cooperative Political Symbiosis

Just as the 7th King (7K) and 8th King (8K) “last days” sovereign systems of world rulership cooperate and co-exist; (Rev17:10-11), so does does nationalist and globalist systems co-exist in reality globally. In fact to accomplish those ends, the system co-operates due to the spheres of administration and management each system is responsible for.

The nation-state system manages everything within the nation state, down through a pyramidal descending hierarchy to even local levels. The globalist system in similar manner but grander scale must focus on international scale issues between these various nation-state pyramidal administrations. Multiple governmental systems are needed due to the complexity and diversity of issues ranging from the local level, to the state, to the national and to the international levels of interaction.

Due to systemic interdependency a cooperating system is necessary at all levels. Due to natural global transactional needs, the globalist level has become the most complex and potentially powerful, just as state issues are less complex and powerful than national issues encompassing multiple states. This system is logical, and a natural evolution of human governance to globalist apex development based on cooperating strategies and needs.

Intermediary Guidance System

In the bible their exists a particular administrative system that straddles these realms of global and national power and order, and that is the wildbeast with the two horns like a lamb, wildbeast2 (WB2) in the Revelation inspired record in Revelation 13:11. Logically it arose from the nation-state matured seven-headed wildbeast system of Revelation 13:1’s wildbeast1 (WB1) pre-existing national culmination by this time. This ascendancy to global administrative unification and sovereign capability is as natural as  individuals becoming families, familial systems becoming tribal systems, tribal systems becoming state systems, and states aligning into national powers over the course of human history. It is a form of hybrid government which is the final form of human experimentation with self rule.

The “hub” of this guidance system is the “image of the wildbeast” as shown developing in Rev13:11-15. This forum gives national powers an elite interface to facilitate over time the system transformation to more and more globalist power unification. This handy external magnet system seen since 1919 in the League of Nations is now the United Nations since 1945, obviously ready for a Great Tribulation inspired and aided third rendition on the global scene now that the national super-structure “power-shift” to globalist control is nearing completion.

This bridge system is how national elite powers of many national systems straddle into sovereignties transcending national power and governance, as do their corporate bodies, finance bodies and military protection and expansion systems. If national governments cannot keep track of all this and are too busy with internal responsibilities anyways, no one else can really know all the detailing of this system from external vantage points but conceptually, it itself is a shadow sovereignty answering only to itself.

Final Globalist Unification

Now the national powers are aligning into a global union in much that same pattern as the nation before it developed from state polygons. This is chiefly empowered by the extended capability of digital technology, sovereign free capital transaction and accumulative knowledge systems affecting the power triad of the national system: (1) finance corporate governance empowering and maintaining (2) governmental and (3) military power systems to keep the system operating according to law and order, for law and order is more conducive to progress and profit expansion. All these systems also exist in the same levels of application from local to state, to national to global and a legal system must be developed in all those realms as well for “law and order” to govern the system veneers and component parts in people and other “bodies”.

Fantastic Parallels to ‘King North’ and ‘King South’ Final Synergy of Daniel Chapter Eleven

The Same “DNA” Shared by Gog, the 8th King Scarlet Wildbeast and the King of the North Symbolic Bodies in World History

Well Just as the 7th King (7K) and 8th King (8K) world powers cooperate and co-exist, this is also the same destiny in a parallel development of the same balancing dynamic in the “King of the South” (KS) and “King of the North” (KN) final cooperative, yet peppered with divisional shadow aspects of this development’s rivalry over 2600 years in God’s prophecy through Daniel chapter 11’s account of the progression of these symbolic “kings”. Many striking similarities in the biblical record of the final human 8th King governmental system of Revelation, and the Gog manifestation of Ezekiel are reflected in the ” King of the North’s” final manifestation and events leading to that final event converging at Armageddon.

National Powers Naturally Gather in Cooperative Alignment

The  historic transformation of multi-national “gathering” and unification in this continuum to completion by cooperative assistance to final globalist governmental form of final human world rulership has much evidence in world political history and current events. These developments are all paralleling biblical prophetic frameworks shown leading to a dominant globalist 8th King scarlet wildbeast system which is comprised of member nations adhering to the “image of the wildbeast” central forum of globalized world administrative sovereignty.

Image Gives Birth to a Retro-Fitted Actual Scarlet Wildbeast

This will show this system though centered on the “image” forum- like international “hub” and national “one thought” of sovereign preservation in the United Nations system, is now becoming a true and actual hard infrastructural super-power system based on the many established national power super-structures globally.

This “super-system” multi-national is empowered further by an international scale intelligence and super-structural logistic guidance network in the globalist realm of oversight and administration global. This super-system “brain” also affects the power triad of “power and authority” as defined by national powers formerly for full control ultimately at that top globalist power, through many national proxy systems of global finance architecting also global governmental super-systems and global military super-systems, the ultimate super-sovereign global system of human history.

Spittin Image

There is no surprise then that Rev13:1’s wildbeast1 and Revelation 17:3’s ‘ scarlet wildbeast’ share the exact same structural characteristics of  seven- heads and ten horns, but differ only in slight detail and of course the globalist scope of power of the scarlet wildbeast as ascendant over but cooperative with it’s base national founded multi-national wildbeast1.

Important Concept: This the wildbeast1(Rev13:1) is a national wildbeast base system collective, while the scarlet wildbeast (Rev17:3) is a whole 8th King globalist unification sole “kingship” globalized. The ‘scarlet wildbeast’ soon employs the whole wildbeast1 as this “power-shift” completes in Rev17:12-18. While the whole may very well be “greater than the sum of it’s parts” the globalists also have super-sovereign systems and technologies above and beyond nation oversight and control.

‘Image of the Wildbeast’ is the Worldwide National Magnet

The “image of the wildbeast” is the magnet of the “gathering of Revelation 16:13-16.

(Revelation 16:13-14,16) And I saw three unclean inspired expressions that looked like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and…the wild beast and…the false prophet. 14 They are…expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty…16 And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.

1. Sovereign Power is the Motive

Since we know that globalist and nationalist interests are all about sovereign supremacy (globalists) and “one thought”; (Rev17:17) preservation of sovereignty (nationalists) they will be cooperating for that combined end, because neither one alone has the power to attempt this apex of world power. Therefore the “inspired expressions” appeal to those subscribing to both globalist and nationalist systems, to the “great and the small” of the majority of mankind affected by this climactic progression.

2. Sovereign Transfer to Globalist 8th King is the Result

A. Voluntary Sovereign ‘Gift’

We see that the national powers actually “give their [national] kingdom” “power and authority” to this globalist scarlet wildbeast 8th King system architecture:

(Revelation 17:12-18) “And the ten horns that you saw mean ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast. 13 These have one thought, and so they give their power and authority to the wild beast. 14 These will battle with the Lamb, but, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them. Also, those called and chosen and faithful with him will do so.” 15 And he says to me: “The waters that you saw, where the harlot is sitting, mean peoples and crowds and nations and tongues. 16 And the ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire. 17 For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought, even to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast, until the words of God will have been accomplished. 18 And the woman whom you saw means the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.”

B. Involuntary Sovereign Absorption

We see this soon will progress to Babylon the Great as a “hated” rival sovereign system with a “a kingdom over the kings of the earth” that is obviously NOT a sovereign either the nationalists or globalists can tolerate in this apex evolution of their own complete totality of world sovereignty.

C. Perfectly Brilliant Confidence Incentive with Diametric Outcome

We see that for the globalists interest, the “kings of the earth” desire to preserve national sovereignty, that driving “one thought” is what actually compels the national powers to relinquish actual “power and authority” and their actual national “kingdoms” to this overriding system of globalist super-sovereign development shown to be “magnetically” gathering these nations by demon intellectual aid to a global situational state of pinnacle “Har-Magedon”.

They do this while imagining their “one thought” is a success, that is preservation of their own independent sovereignty, when in fact quite the opposite is true, the globalist 8th King assumes actual and total control. A handy puppet system is empowered for use on the Babylon the Great global body of wealth and assets from this progression’s obvious national power and debt compromise.

‘Power and Authority’ Will be the Steering Wheel of The National Powers

This “power and authority” at it’s apex triad of operation is financial dominance first. By financial dominance of a now globalizing finance, banking, market and super-corporate system the administrative and regulatory governmental agency is engineered and modified as required to manage both national and international systems concurrently, and this always requires protection, expansion and policing of the system by also a military agency suited for granular to immense potential application from local, to national to international levels.

This entire globalist system requires an advanced intelligence (digitally aided), transport, communication (satellite aided) and fueling system to operate at this multi-national scale that needs as seamless an interface into national systems as possible, to also serve the priority of the advanced globalist system first, or ultimately, and to share the benefits with the required national base system to keep it operative as needed. The “symbiosis” and synergy in the system is absolutely key, and that requires cooperative alignment of financial, governmental and military powers to administer the rest of the system nationally, intra-nationally and globally. The scales and power of intelligence and reliable information systems is the key difference between the “brain-centers” employed for local versus national versus international globalist requirements.

The wildbeast2horn (Rev13:11) provides the technocratic guidance system to accomplish the above needs.

Specialized Needs of Globalist Versus Nationalist Bodies

Different Brains for Different Bodies

From the pinnacle system, information must be given on a “need to know” basis, since governance at all the lower levels cannot manage the whole of the system as at the globalist level. The sheer complexity of the system means a prioritization of intelligence means a separation in the actual intelligence network required. This hierarchical decision making process cannot put globalist objectives into the realm of national powers already overloaded with their own national problems and information. And therein lies the other “power” in “power and authority”. The national systems MUST be transparent for the globalist decision making process and NOT the other way around. Just as state intelligence systems are not privy to national level intelligence but subject to it, so with the relationship of national powers to globalist powers.

Revelation Nails the Symbols to Current World Reality

This fits well the pattern in Revelation 13 and 17 that the seven-headed wildbeast1; (Rev13:1) is a full progression of seven national kingdoms over time, symbolized as well by “ten kings/ ten horns” in an earthly human complete number symbol in ten. No single national “king” completely ruled the whole world. Conversely, the ‘scarlet wildbeast’; (Rev17:3; 12-18) is a whole totality of the wildbeast, the 8th King. That sole 8th King globalist power is symbolized by the comprehensive totality of the whole wildbeast. That globalist ‘scarlet wildbeast’ (Rev17:3) mirrors the exact symbolic bodily wildbeast1 structure (Rev13:1) of the foundational national system the globalist super-sovereign is shown to be based on, with globalist advancements in “brain” intelligence networking and power capacity in finance, government and military as the globalist “whole” is now truly becoming greater than the “sum of it’s [national] parts”.

Think Fast or Not

That globalist ability to act on complex and reliable real-time information globally and nationally or conversely the nationalist inability to do so, is a key to the actual top level motives and who aligns who for whose ultimate objectives. Simply put, the global issues are now far beyond the average nation-state politician, many who dimly perceive even the basic concepts written here, they exist in another time in world history mentally and sub-culturally in the previous millennium’s ideological and philosophical inertia. Even their governmental structure is a reflection of a world 200 years ago and more.

Yet even the League of Nations was a well known embryonic think-tank of global government so this is nothing really “new”, just further advanced now even in the United Nations and especially to today in the organizations maturity and that of it’s many supporting organizations with similar global scope such as the IMF and World Bank super-structural framework international.

Many nation-state leaders were simply too busy and engrossed in their lives in the national theater and limited scope career to imagine where emergent exponential super-technologies would eventually take this natural globalizing system to – and that at a geometric accelerating rate. If they can’t hit the globalist 100 MPH fast ball then, they won’t hit it at light speed either. They have been replaced so to speak, in their own time, yet retain a complete air of sovereign independence illusions in spite of multi-trillion dollar debt yokes. This is called a “grand illusion”.

Lack of True Information is a Puppet String

That is why the “craftsman” is smarter than the “tool” in the overall design of what the “tool” is being used for. It is better that way for the higher globalist powers to make decisions based on better intelligence, faster systems, and grander planning and application. The nation-state politicians are now debt burdened media front-men “cogs” involved in an overload of responsibility in national and state theatric minutia in a far more comprehensive global international “machine” they scarcely perceive the true complexity of. Since they can barely manage their own “house”, much less international reality, the specialized globalist international system of administration has developed a separate body to carry out these tasks; (Rev13:11). Conveniently this lack of reliable information, at real-time speed, empowers the more advanced globalist system, and is key to controlling the national powers by similar techniques that national powers use to control individuals in their societal masses: debt and fear, ambition and desire in a framework of ultimate deceptions.

Stealth But Very Real

This is therefore a conceptual, basic part of the reality of just how and why the national “kings of the earth” have been driven into this Armageddon “gathering” and been voluntarily compelled into “giving their [national] kingdoms”, their very nations, to the scarlet wildbeast 8th King globalist super-system “voluntarily”. 

And I think many can “see”, this inner structural evolution into this kind of system, is virtually invisible in the various nation-state physical systems. This is a true “revolution by night”, based on lack of information fast for the nationalist, and advanced intelligence systems of the globalist powers. This is all developing none the less, especially since 1914-1919 and very few people are perceiving that this transformation is very real, biblically foretold, and showing many signs that the transformation is well underway in biblical prophecy and current world developments intensifying each other; (Rev17:12-18 dynamic transformation intensifies Rev16:13-16 and Luke21:25-28)

Then why so “invisible”? The less the mass people know the better for these kinds of operations. Therefore the globalist power system mechanics and history is NOT the standard curricula of national schools, national history is the standard historical indoctrination system to magnetize the masses to their national power systems “father” and “mother” home lands and various character personalities of that power realm.

The media system is also not any more advanced in this knowledge than the average national politician, it to is focused first on commerce, theatric scripted disconnected minutia, and concepts of the past to aid first commercial advertising, entertainment and distraction, NOT actual learning of useful information as the goal. Yet even in world history’s basic well known 500 year epic cycles, the nation-state 500 year cycle is at a linear end, though the system as noted schematically above, while in actual sovereign decline, must be sustained even for globalist objectives. It declines perpetually, as the globalist systems rises quickly from the vacuum in power of that natural decline.

That way the true power structure has changed, but the physical parts remain the same in the nation-state stage and prop system.

7th King 8th King Summary

The Final Big Picture

One of the greatest riddles of the bible is how exactly do you divide a world as never before in human history AND unify it AT THE SAME TIME?

The answer is polarity. NOW the ultimate division in global power is nationalism versus globalism. The ultimate “south” and “north” of the WHOLE world system.

That is why the wildbeast1 of Rev13:1 is a national COLLECTIVE of the “ten kings” in “seven heads” a picture of all the nations of mankind, rooting back to the “70 nations” of Genesis 10.

The scarlet wildbeast of Rev17:3, while sharing the same structure as the wildbeast1, is a globalist UNIFICATION based on the national wildbeast of Rev13:1, but a WHOLE 8th King of the WHOLE wildbeast scarlet global final governmental experiment since human history.

That is how the world, like a salad dressing, is separating into oil and water, into nationalist and globalist, into clay and iron. Yet it appears in unity, but it is divided at the same time – and this final separation is what precedes Armageddon.

Cooperative Union

This is how and why the 7th King national ascendant Anglo-American dual world power cooperates and co-exists with the globalist 8th King scarlet wildbeast system world rulership forming to apex mutually. And we will examine, keep in mind, this very same “polarity” and dynamic of “division and unity” in the “King of the North’s” final ascendancy with the “King of the South” in the parallel subordination is the very SAME set of developments to the very same apex event recorded in different symbolic visions in Daniel 11-12, Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation 16-19.

This national power system ascendant representative ‘7th King’ co-exists and works with the globalist 8th King for very logical reasons:

1. The natural difference in scope of governmental, finance and military administration requires specializations and specialized intelligence to meet the needs of the respective systems and their objectives.

2. This evolution to full globalism rise is naturally forming from zenith nationalism in decline, and is being intensified by the ultimate objectives of the dominant globalist system in the overall cooperative balance.

3. Each system is dependent on the other in systemic finance, government and military inter-play.

4. The national system is voluntarily subservient to the globalist system, even if it does not perceive the true dynamic, in fact the illusion of national independent sovereignty is what drives it in that Revelation 17:13 “one thought”.

5. God actually aids this subordination to achieve the Babylon the Great divine judgment of sovereign extermination of that system of global false religion; (Rev17:12-18).

6. A separate and specialized wildbeast2; (Rev13:11) of apex Anglo-American national to global super-elite power organizational engineering is employed to oversee this entire operation, aided by demon angelic “inspired expressions” and “signs” in order to aid this transformation.

7. Satan is also driving this entire “congregation”; (Eze38:7,13) to his ultimate manifestation as ‘Gog of Magog’ with a trek to the same “place”, event, and neutralization; (Isa24:21).


Part 2 – Applying the Magnet

How and Why the ‘King South’ and ‘King North’ Cooperate in the Final Evolution of “Pushing” Identical to the 7th King and 8th King Coexistence in Revelation – Global Polar Balance

Note: I am going to develop a number of logical progressions to demonstrate that the “water and oil ” in the world governmental system now separating is national and global forms of government. I have to do this exhaustive, yet superficially conceptual exercise due to the many ideological distractions that merely distract from the far bigger reality. Those micro-focused ideological divisions of a plethora national minutia worldwide is part of the reason why many people, even professional politicians are completely oblivious or dimly aware of this actual governmental development forming to climax since 1914 in well known global institutional and governmental architectures born in that century since 1914.

Nation-State Zenith 7th National King

This ascendancy to zenith of nation-state power in the 7th King Anglo-American dual world power was the result of two world wars and a world cold war in the last century – and incidentally that gave birth to the 8th King system governmental forum (Rev13:11-15). Here in Revelation we are given a brief sequence of 4000 years of human governmental history to this nation-state zenith of the Anglo-American dual world power national/empire system 7th King and a glimpse at the globalist 8th King system co-existing with it:

(Revelation 17:10-11) 10 And there are seven kings (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, UK/US): five have fallen, one is (Rome at John’s time), the other (National UK/US 7th King) has not yet arrived , but when he does arrive he must remain a short while. 11 And the (globalist scarlet) wild beast that was but is not (League of Nations), it is also itself an eighth king (United Nations), but springs from the seven, and it goes off into destruction.

Globalist 8th King Birth and Growth

This long progression of world wars is concluded here in Daniel 11:40-41, also concluding that Daniel 11 approximate 2600 year long prophetic history of this “Kingly Conflict”. This century long development, in hindsight, has actually empowered and broadcast the globalist system worldwide.

Successful Formula

The WW1 cycle founded the Anglo-American union, a massive financial system, an industrial multi-national corporatism, and a military weapons technology system making world war hugely profitable, centrally financed and made accessible to many nations by that distributed “start up” capital broadcast from the globalist system downwards through various national governmental and institutional inlets. It also founded a hybrid liaison system of elites based in the Anglo-American system who engineered the 8th King globalist League of Nations; (Rev13:11-15), the handy global governmental “peace and security” “offering” of that whole period along with a conservative 200 billion dollars in pure globalist profits.  The WW2 cycle created the United Nations and a host of governmental, technocratic, financial and military super-organizations around it since 1945 along with 4 trillion dollars in handy profits for the globalist super-system. Some supporting organizations and groups have preceded that 1945 period to the time of the 1919 League of Nations.

World War Globalist Gravy Train

The point is World War was a finance engineered, politically and ideologically strategically guided, mega-industrially empowered, weapons and militarily applied global “gravy train” of massive profit for the globalist financiers and industrialists. It also created massive debt upon now debt controlled national systems, and massive expansion of the overshadowing globalist system worldwide in all realms of finance, supra-governmental, and military power systems. World War, hot and cold, is the furnace from which globalist systems are founded and projected.

World War Problem Always Equals Globalist Governmental Solution

Each rendition also gave birth, TWICE, to a new form of globalist governmental forum “image of the wildbeast” in the 1919 “League of Nations” and the 1945 “United Nations”. Those two “tribulations” gave birth to globalizing “peace and security” solutions, handily presented after the tumult and destruction, the terror and the fear, of the periods that set the stage for that very presentation globally. That is NOT a big random coincidence sugared for naive masses of bygone days, that is engineered for that precise effect, as well as the massive treasure trove of actual profits, and the reigns of many nations enslaved to the debts that are broadcast downward through the puppet political establishment upon the masses who had no idea this was a brilliant formula run by the globalist wildbeast2; (Rev13:11) and others in support for money and power.

It was only a matter of time that the maturity of the globalist actual system would become more widely known and figured out as time went by. And it just happens to coincide with the decline of the nation-state system as the globalist system rises in that vacuum of sovereignty voluntarily “given”, as foretold in Revelation 17:12-18.

(Revelation 17:12-18) “And the ten horns that you saw mean ten (national) kings, who have not yet received a kingdom (in John’s time), but they do receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast. 13 These have one thought, and so they give their power and authority to the (globalist) wild beast…17 For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought, even to carry out their one thought by giving their (national) kingdom(s) to the (globalist) wild beast, until the words of God will have been accomplished.

Part 3 – The Daniel 11:41-43 Revisited

Nation-State Zenith After Three World Wars (One Cold War)

This period I include below from Daniel 11 as it applied to the zenith period of the nation-state world war complex from 1914 forward through the cold war to eventually the change in millennium in 2000 approximately, as the nation-state zeniths all summarized in on Daniel 11:27 “nothing will succeed” for national powers.

After 1990, a new form of globalist world invasion as 8th King systems began as Gulf War marked a “new world order” “first test of our mettle” as per George Bush Sr.’s 9/11/1990 US Congress speech.

Thus Daniel 11:40-45 is the final 8th King King North globalist progression from 1990 to Armageddon.

(Daniel 11:40-41) 40 “And in the time of the end the king of the south (collective national systems) will engage with him (8th King globalist systems; since Gulf War 1990 parallel to Dan11:31) in a pushing, and against him the king of the north will storm with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships; and he will certainly enter into the lands and flood over and pass through. 41 He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many [PEOPLE] that will be made to stumble. (This is Bethel under 8th King control marked by UN NGO) [1]

Now all the above is occurring since 1990 approximately, as the then “King of the North” dissolved into oblivion as the USSR national power system and empire was a complete erred interpretation, then assumed by 8th King 3rd UN manifestation of post “cold war” 1990 developments marking globalist ascendancy and final cycle of 3rd and 4th UN placement by Daniel 11:45.

Partially existent in Russia, but now running 7th King governmental and finance “DNA” as all national powers assume “King South” final world polarity, as 8th King globalism ascends the “King North” progression to full world government.

(Daniel 11:41b) But these are the ones that will escape out of his hand, Edom and Moab and the main part of the sons of Ammon.
Daniel 11:27-45 Transition Point to Modern Times

This is where the transition to modern times takes place. As a result of the cold war futility for actual conquest of the world by the then ‘King of the North’ (USSR) this also overlaps but is picked up by the new ‘King of the North’, the globalist system that was the actual victor of ALL the world wars. I will explain the concept shortly, and show how globalist interests engineered by the wildbeast2 two-lamb-horned; (Rev13:11) Anglo-American based hybrid elite system has made much profit, system expansion and many additions to the globalist networked 8th King system elite governance apexing. The 8th King globalist creditor system also owns many national debt slaves of the overall system of the existing and new expansions of the  ” King of the South” which retains it’s old Anglo-American national identity. But this power symbol has expanded identification in the “land of Egypt” symbol in Daniel 11:42 to other dependent and influenced systems. The global territory of that national 7th King (KS) influence and empire of national based 7th King systems is of course being drawn in financially and militarily into ultimate 8th King control. The “Egypt” then is the approximate worldwide national system collectives, based on nation-state sovereignties, the “Egypt” that does not “escape” from first the Anglo-American national finance model, which leads to globalist debt servitude ultimately the owner 8th King system.

Those 3 “nations” “Edom and Moab and…Ammon” picture Bethel impostors of Daniel 11:41 meaning as Luke 21:20 signal.

The “pushing” became a magnetization of both former “pushing” systems increasingly to globalist world model systemic finance super-structure, around which everything else “magnetized”, a true “gathering” to the 8th King final system in many interesting ways.

(Daniel 11:42) And he will keep thrusting out his hand against the lands; and as regards the land of Egypt, she will not prove to be an escapee. 43 And he will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. And the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps.

King of the South Adopts “Egypt” – Both Become Willing Slaves to Globalist King of the North

This is the expansion of the “King of the South” to a worldwide national picture in the “land of Egypt” “King of the South” biblical symbol of national power systems in the whole world system that are now fully dependent on globalist finance powers as a precursor to “giving their power and authority” TOTALLY, in time, to the globalist 8th King scarlet wildbeast; (Rev17:12-18). They did this by first running Anglo-American “King of the South” finance architectures especially since after WW2, and becoming systemically dependent on that international market and finance/investment system. That is how “she” “Egypt” “will not prove to be an escapee”. That is how “she” is now a feminine title for good reason. Now “she” – King of the South expanded to Entire “land of Egypt” world system WITH the UK/US national power 7th King is now dominated financially without a shot fired. That is how “she” has returned to the beginning of the visionary sequence of Daniel 11 in Egypt as the “King of the South”.

King of the South Big National Global Collective

So the ‘King of the South” actually keeps it’s former identity, but expands out to a majority of the world national systems as well as one “Egypt” southern oriented symbology whose “treasures” are controlled by the ‘King of the North’ globalists. The “king of the South” can even be roughly equated with ALL nationalist based power systems globally. There is a domination quest by the King of the North, but the King of the South is cooperative with it for sovereign preservation delusions. And many in the King of the South nationalist systems do not even perceive that this global power polarity is even real.

 Parallel Mirror Dynamic in Revelation – Globalist Financial Invisible Coup d’Etat

In related parallel example, it is why the 7th King (national) must co-exist with the 8th King (globalist) subservient first financially. Finance legally engineered “deception” is how the “hidden treasures” the actual national hard assets, properties and physical national infrastructures and industries, the real ownership are actually in globalist 8thK control – an invisible invasion camouflaged in complexity.

A “hidden” element of the “treasure” is that all this globalist hard wealth is actually in exchange for national fiat currency issued as fractional reserve banking debt, through national governments ultimately regulating for globalist advantage and the massive multi-trillion dollar debt enslavement the national systems are now undergoing. This huge national debt slavery to globalist creditors is especially seen in the national powers of the former “King of the South” in the US national system, and the UK national system, and the satellite EU system member nations as well: “the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt” are NO LONGER their’s, their own nation’s physical and real assets and capital, properties and wealth is now jeopardized for globalist credit “securitized” collateral potential transfer and re-engineered debt scenarios over and over again. They truly have “given their (national) kingdom to the (globalist) wildbeast”.

The Devilopment is in the Details

The completely masterful deception, but plainly real on the world system, is globalist creditors ruling national finance systems by issuing huge amounts of debt into those systems, overseeing the national financial architecture of those umbrella systems by globalist technocratic guidance, and engineering the complete market, investment and banking top hierarchy to their advantage, a part of a worldwide architecture which is a global network far beyond the scope of any nation-state government to oversee or fully understand. In fact the governments are now mere props of the driving massive finance trillionaire “bodies” in the globalist realms of power as multi-national corporations and independent super-sovereignties composed, in part, of a huge surge of billionaires and other technocratic elites in just the last 10 years of well evidenced expansion at this scale globally.

It’s Now All Globalist and Nationalist Synergies and Separations

That is the actual division of power in the world, globalist and nationalist, that dictates mutual cooperation because the globalist system cannot operate without the established national infrastructures, and the national systems are dependent on the globalist financial super-structure and globalist level financial and investment corporate legal and technocratic guidance – in fact they are debt enslaved to it.

The National Ideological Camp is a Now Hybrid Mish Mash Tossed Salad of Minutia Distraction for Retro Retardation

So what the national camps have devolved into is a synergized mish mash of every philosophy and ideology they used to run to define themselves (nothing actually worked!), now over specialized, replicated and “improved” into a big tossed salad of various total distracting national governmental and social system mythologies. Russia is now the self proclaimed bastion of global “democracy”, America is a closet authoritarian dictatorship with a self-denuded “Constitution” waiting for the proper event that it was re-engineered for to keep all “secure”. China is a dictatorial communist-capitalist Frankenstein, and ALL of them run the same finance, investment, and banking DNA of this system of global financial incest with the Anglo-American “viral cell” of commercial consumption and greed and wealth worship as a mass glorified way of life .

Quagmire to Fuel Ignorance and  Distractions

These former adversarial national camps of opposing ideological frameworks look more Anglo-American than they look like themselves just 200 years ago! So the life has imitated not the art, but the art and sciences of the “financial priesthood” look and feel, material desires and vices, of the whole Anglo-American illusion of consumption and materialism with money worship as the central temple. That whole materialism pie has been devoured by Russia, China, India, Brazil, etc, etc, etc. They might as well make English the official language as they have the currency they are pegged to or totally enslaved to. Now all the ideologies are mere national mass distractions that those poor people think are still reality, but they expired with the end of the last millennium and the zenith of the nation-state. Everything is now just a mass mental quagmire quicksand to ignore, miss or obsess on the “anguish of nations not knowing the way out”. The more people see what is really going on in the world system separating and synergizing at the same time into globalist dominated national emptied eggs arranged in the globalist “hand basket” – looks the same on the outside, but inside all is being emptied and changed forever – the less they see because all is national ambiguities and symptoms that never are connected for people to the true cause.

Mish Mash Clay and Iron

Since the former elemental demarcation of the “clay and iron” among Jehovah’s witnesses was formerly democratic and authoritarian forms of nationalist governmental and social systems, this too appears to now polarize elementally as now globalism versus nationalism in a symbiosis that still has no true structural integrity in the foundational final “feet and toes” of the “immense image” of Daniel’s prophetic interpretation.

The whole “man” Daniel ” image” can be seen also as the “man’s number” as a whole 8th king system loosely interpreted. What is not loose is that the image in Daniel is standing at Armageddon, as a rival “Global Adam” final sovereign defiance when the Messianic Kingdom “stone” lays that whole “image” to waste globally.

Loosely we could also see that in the end, the nations are also a mish-mash hybrid ideological system, Frankensteined to meet any nationalist and globalist agenda at the nation-state level, from fully exhausted former ideas and philosophies on schemes to run human self-ruled governments, which globalism is the final form of human experimentation running all kinds of synergized make-shift national systems. It’s total propaganda and confusion folks – for 8th King positional advantage.

From Adam’s individual self-sovereign folly, to the offspring in the familial self-sovereign unit, tribes, states, and nation-states ALL have also tried all kinds of various governmental techniques with no success. Globalism is the final and naturally ascendant folly of the system was a whole, from 6000 years ago in Adamic futility to the complete and bitter end of the experimental whole – globally. No wonder that none of the sub-philosophies have succeeded therefore mixing, mashing and duping for the best is what the world national systems are now left with as the only “alternative”.

But such confusion and denial serves the 8th King agenda well.

War is Still a Fashionable Globalist 666 Jackhammer, Magnet and Cattle Prod

But make no mistake! War is still a useful tool and the biggest globalist business in actual production in the world. Even now war will appear to be over nation-state issues of the past, and that mish mash ideological tossed salad aids that divisionary tactic, but it all serves the central puppet masers up top, pulling the national strings, and funding and managing the whole thing for central weapons and technology profiteering and human sacrificial objectives. Ironically as much as it really has changed as a structural invisible system, sadly, nothing really changes in the overall game. Demons still demand ring kissing and blood sacrifice to bless the select globalists who are aware of what is going in in their various devil worshipping cabals worldwide. Many are just misled puppets we may assume, even at that level of power.

Now any warring conflicts along religious, political or social ideological traditional “lines” are merely tools to pit nations or groups for further globalist positioning by various propagandic media and “special interest group” injected spins, etc, and to grind the national and ideological hold outs into the master wildbeast system, while feeding the core globalist weapons “business”. NONE of those “alien” national powers outside the majority consolidation of the Anglo-American system (the “three” escapees of Daniel 11:41b, and the “Africas” “at his steps”) could possibly tip the balance of the consolidation gravity and system inertia control of over 50% of the world resources directly, now controlled by this Master Sovereign Synergy System 7th/8th King, and another 15-25% by proxy control, and going for the whole “world pie”.

All this has formed at approximately .001% progressive consolidative world resource, hence power accumulation into the 7th/8th King system averaged since Britain controlled 25% of the world resources in 1860.

Too Late, North Pole is Taken

Even if Russia and China could magically disappear the Anglo-American vampire globalists, it would take them a half or full century to reach the level of advancement and control now “enjoyed” by that 7th/8th King world power cooperative.

Any rival bloc also would have to use the same globalist network master finance/military formula as well because isolated nation-state ideological formulas and limited resources never did solve the “world domination” problem that a “synergy and illusion”, broadcast worldwide, did “solve” for the 8th King globalists and Anglo-American nationalist 7th King super-system – the “champion” ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ “medallists” on the Revelation 7th and 8th King World Olympic podium! The head pins that God’s Messianic “bowling ball” Christ must “dirt nap” and “bird food” shortly, all now conveniently racking.

So we will NOT see a true “King of the North” versus “King of the South” actual conflict along traditional former interpretative meaning in Daniel employing Russia or any other national based system for anything but show and war business as usual, not true world power.

That “North” King is a globalist, the “South” King is a zenith nationalist assembled “ten king” conglomeration, and they work together now. Though armed conflict is entirely possible for other objectives, it cannot be with any true meaning in true global power dynamics where nation-state centric powers and wiles will rule the world out of the Russian “north” or Chinese Dragon, or Dragon-Bear tag team hybrid or any national bloc in fact.

Mathematically as well, it is impossible for any bloc of national systems other than the Anglo-American consortium to assume even a 50% control ratio. Too late, the 8th King globalists have nearly ascended to the “North Pole” of the world system already (Just as Revelation17:12-18 AND Daniel 11:41-45 predicted in Ezekiel 38-39 fashion!). The King of the North is the 8th King super-sovereignty in the earth realm, and that employs the full Revelation 17:12-18 cooperation of the aligned national “kings of the earth” in those “ten kings”. It also has Gog “king of the North” spirit world counterpart apex system also forming to climax power and union.

Gog Assumes Ultimate North Polarity over His “Congregated Congregation” King of the North and the Rest

At full climax, Gog King North will assume the throne as in Ezekiel 38-39, and that is why ALL of those biblical symbologies in Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation end up “where they ought not” be “standing” as rivals of God’s Kingdom and in attack mode on “Israel” God’s people at Armageddon. (This Gog dynamic and the parallel similarities of all these prophetic destinations is examined in more detail later.)

Ultimately Satan as the Dragon with seven-heads is perfectly mirrored into the globalist scarlet wildbeast; (Rev17:3) and the first wildbeast of national “ten king” collective; (Rev13:1) as they also have “seven-heads”. Gog also mirrors the northern polarity as from the “remotest parts of the north”, ultimately higher in ascendancy than any human sovereignty, hence Gog is the ultimate “King of the North” and at that time as Gog he ascends that ultimate “north” polarity over the world system in Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11:44-45. This is why the human elemental north and south are destroyed with the 7th and 8th kings of Revelation 17:10; (See Isa24:21), but Satan himself is not destroyed but likewise “has no helper” in any form to continue his sovereign attempted supremacy over earth and mankind.

That is why Daniel ambiguously, but clearly describes “no helper”, not a destructive finality, for that comes on the earthly “King of the North”, Satan is not destroyed but neutralized and abyssed; (Rev20:1-3)

Ultimately Satan is the “head” Dragon and Gog counterpart “heavenly places”; (Eph6:12) “world ruler” of all the biblical human sovereign climax symbols global realities in “wildbeast” and “king of the north”, the human symbols are his architecture and planning since Eden, and after the flood:

(Ephesians 6:12) the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places. 

War Magedon

Talk about globalist 8th King power. Global NATO alone is 75% of total war GLOBAL potential with a six theater global pie all chopped up on their website for public knowledge of how they have laid “Armageddon” out on the world map of earth “mountain” for their globalist “military kingdom”.

Yet of course, a conflict of military means is still possible and even useful for the Master Synergy System 8th King ultimate strategies in this final phase. Now global war, any war sequence of major scale will once again, FOR THE THIRD TIME!, be a handy tool to “refurbish” and re-present the final “Peace and Security” solution in the ascending Gog King North 8th King “solution” to all mankind’s problems as the core “false prophecy” goes public… again.

Is it coincidence that this ALL climaxes as Armageddon “gathering” ALSO pinnacles to an apogee? That human and demon kingdom “apogee” is the furthest mankind has EVER veered away from God’s ACTUAL Sovereign Supremacy. That Sovereign Epicenter Storm will demonstrate once and for all time the real Universal Sovereign when He drops the Christ Messianic Kingdom bomb on ” Global Adam” and the demon ” Armageddon Fiesta” at the trigger event of  2Thessalonians 1:6-10 paralleling Ezekiel 38:18-20 and Revelation 19:19-21.

Maybe at the next unveiling of the handy globalist “peace and security”; (1 Thess5:1-3) UN final kingdom “birth”, which previously came after the 2 world war “tribulation” “problems” as the obvious “solution” to all mankind’s ills, is when the trigger is hit, it appears so. But obviously something else is actually brewing in that cauldron. This is the last batch of “globalist stew” the world will ever have to eat.

National and Global Power Structures Define the 7Th King and 8th King Systems

The key thing to realize and understand is the final “polarity” in the world system is globalist versus national ultimate potential for world domination. There is simply more resources to be aligned from 7 billion people in globalism than say 330 million or 2 billion in nationalisms. In that power polarity is the ultimate definition of “north” and “south” as globalist system versus nationalist system potential and final utilization “balance”.

The final twist is that that globalist potential is totally reliant on established national systems, hence why the scarlet wildbeast of Rev17:3 is the national wildbeast of Rev13:1, but utilized by globalist means, therefore that whole scarlet wild beast is one 8th King. Likewise the globalist positioning by financial dominant foundation first, led to national dependency on systemic global scale finance, market and economic systems. In that dependency and lack of true awareness and intelligence at globalist levels, the nation-state power systems were easily compromised over time, their right hand never saw what the globalist left hand was actually up to.

In that deceptive and complex atmosphere, the many national illusions of the “one thought”; (Rev17:17) of sovereign preservation was the confidence incentive to allow them to be told what they wanted to hear from globalist technocratic positioners promising debt, seen as “wealth” and “power”, was the key to sovereign independence, much the same as debt is even “given” to individuals as “free” credit and ends in the same enslavement at smaller scale.

The final subtle distraction is that all the many ideological, religious and social strategies that were monopolized by the nation-state as a line of allegiance, never did work for long, and never were purely unique, especially when the same globalist financiers were injecting investment capital into both sides of all the major world war and cold war party systems whereby conflicts were profitable and advanced the technological refinement of the key weapons and managerial systems at globalist levels of transaction and operation. By the time these ideologies were seen as anachronistic in short time by the top level nationalists, the purpose of divide and conquer by the globalist strategists was already done and on to the next phase.

The masses were never made aware of this as their leaders themselves caught on way too late, if at all. Now the truth is these are all hybridized, jimmy rigged systems that employ anything needed in reality, and present any veneer to the public, through governments at national levels that still live in the former millenniums last century psychologically, while in reality the globalist system evolves exponentially. Now the national masses and compartmentalized nation-state leaders are still eating old philosophies which aid globalist positioning and weapons marketeering at many levels. National politicians walk off as millionaires, leaving the “Corporation of the United States” “rode hard and put up debt” – they grinded the system to the ground, and left the masses with the bill.

The nation-state has slowly been drained, left with a mish mash of useless guesses on limited scope symptoms and many “villains”, and now multiple trillions in debt to globalists who made multiple trillions in actual wealth and live capital, while saddling the nation-state with as much in debt burdens, administered by a master money shuffling system, and loads fiat currency, mostly digital fiction that they printed up and mouse-clicked in from goldless “thin air” in exchange for actual ownership.

Now this two headed monster is married and must forge ahead while the globalist’s puppet the national systems more effectively the more the national sovereignty actually shifts into globalist control as in Revelation 17:12-18, which is directly proportional to also the “density” of the “gathering” of the “kings of all the earth” into this finality.

The End Polarity and Magnet and Comprehensive Biblical Summarization

Now the true global power polarity is globalism, using national power systems for an orchestrated objective well seen since the 1914 to 1919 birth and commencement of this system engineer and ugly globalist “baby” of that time’s “League of Nations”; (Rev13:11-15)

Now the global scene as a whole is polarizing toward the “global situation” of ultimate “north” as well at the Armageddon “place”. This whole world magnet system is polarizing to “north” (ascendant zenith globalism) and “south” (descendant zenith nationalism) as a “unification”, adding “magnetized” elements mixed in the grand worldwide comprehensive system with globalist world unification as the objective around the 8th King system “magnet” “north”, by adoption of 7th King national system model and servitude “south”, by that all nations are being drawn in like bugs to the blue light.

The final objective is aligning every nation, institution, organization, group and individual into one of these wildbeasts, either the 8th King globalist overall ‘ scarlet wildbeast’ or the wildbeast1, seven-headed national systems, dominated by the 7th King national zenith dual Anglo-American world power. The ‘scarlet wildbeast’ is the total unified globalist symbol, the seven-headed first wildbeast is the collective national symbol. All hold-outs, and all rival sovereign systems will be offered willing allegiance, or be forced into subservience into accepting the mark of the “wildbeast” as a whole symbol of zenith human rulership. This will be attempted, and this is where ALL the major biblical prophetic climaxes converge in a massive collective under Satan as Dragon/ Gog, and the demon co-rulers with him in many prophecies to divine Armageddon “bullseye”.

So the ultimate division of “north” and “south” of “globalism” and “nationalism” as governmental scales of ascending power potential are also the ultimate unifiers because of the mutual interest of all the divided systems. The apex wildbeast system also is this very same “polarity” as seen in the globalist governmental symbol of the “scarlet wildbeast” as a global unification as a whole 8th King globalist representation of the “image of the wildbeast” AND the actual wildbeast “body” of Rev17:3 and the national wildbeast structural power-shift into it at Revelation 17:12-18. That top elite end serves those with the globalist objective in mind. The wildbeast1 seven-headed original national system of Rev13:1 is the zenith national collective system, under 7th head Anglo-American domination for national scale wildbeast worship down to the last man for everyone else. Those two wildbeasts are the collective “wildbeast” symbol as defined by ascribing sovereign supremacy and right of life and service to human engineered “kingdoms” in place of God’s Kingdom and Jehovah’s Sovereign Supremacy as Life Owner, and defiance to His anointed representative, appointed universal King, His Only-Begotten Son Jesus Christ.

So we are at a global apex, while the system magnetizes to globalist or nationalist “poles” as a whole. The biblical prophetic symbology has now encompassed the entire global system, and the total climax of it at every level as this reaches it’s full development as this is in progress.

This is also a multi-apex as God’s Kingdom sovereign system, and the “good news of the Kingdom” is ALSO reaching apex concurrent with this forming climactic showdown of all human history. The bible now encompasses and demonstrates the entire system “separation” along these lines WHILE concurrently “unifying” like no other time in human history, a true “iron and miry clay” “divided mix” coming “together” as one whole.

We have “north” and “south”, “8th King” and “7th King”, globalist “wildbeast scarlet” and nationalist “wildbeast1” both bearing “seven-heads”, all “congregating” to “Gog” as “Satan” the “Dragon”. Soon this will lead to the removal of “Babylon the Great” as an old rival “escort” false-religious sovereignty with a “kingdom over the kings of the earth” that obviously is no longer necessary, is a chief element of war fomentation, and a chief problem in the “peace and security” “solution scheme” of the main “false-prophetic” claim of this entire human sovereign worldwide system in climactic culmination of the sovereign rebellion in Eden of Satan and Adam/Eve. No one can make this stuff up folks, it is ALL real from God.

This is also a forming apex of the divine truth of the Messianic Kingdom and the Kingdom of God as this delineation of sovereign climax ties it all together in the sovereign rebel system of “heavenly places”; (Eph6:12) under Gog (Satan) and human sovereign climax collective; (Rev16:13-16) uniting; (Eze 38; Rev19:19-21 – 20:1-3) as a total world climax to the Kingdom “good news” preaching work of Matthew 24:14 which ties directly to the end sequence and the complete end:

(Matthew 24:14) And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.

This “apex” truth will be shown later, below, to be the key to the motivation of the entire “congregated” system; (Eze38/39), and the “north pole” of global power against Jehovah’s Kingdom representatives still on earth, and the aids employed in the same “faith of Jesus” Christ; (Rev14:12). Many things will be climaxing all at once to one God Almighty scale “trigger event” of 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10, Daniel 11:44-45 and Ezekiel 38:18-20 in Revelation 19:19-20 fashion as this final “conglomeration” (Joel 3:9-12) hit’s God’s button (Zeph3:8), and brings the explosion of Christ, the angels and the Messianic Kingdom pouring out of the global skies from heaven in a “flaming fire” of total conquest of planet earth; (2Thess1:6-10)

These “reports” of climax “good news” “sovereign ultimatum and summary” are due soon from Jehovah’s witnesses on earth from the Sovereign Lord Jehovah Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ to finish this sovereign controversy once and for all time permanently.

As Jehovah’s truth climaxes and the basic biblical patterns in their hugest meaning come forth, the entire bible AND world situation becomes clear as day. This globalism and nationalism world “division” that causes “unity” is an example, like divided kibble dog food in a sole bowl, it somehow works!

Part 4 – The Daniel 11:44-45 Apex Culmination

Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation Perfectly Parallel The Climax End Sequence

So we are close to this climax event on the world scene soon:

(Daniel 11:44-45) “But there will be reports that will disturb him, out of the sunrising and out of the north, and he will certainly go forth in a great rage in order to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. 45 And he will plant his palatial tents between the grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; and he will have to come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him.

Now we can see that these “reports” are from a rival sovereign system, Christ in the “East” “sunrising”; (Rev22:16) and Jehovah in the Ultimate Universal “North”; (Ps83:18; Ps48:1-2). The “east” reports are likely delivered by the “reporters” of the “Good News of God’s Kingdom”, Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses, which is “Bad News” for ANY rival wearing a crown that final climactic day following this time. These reports may very well be the final Sovereign Ultimatum of the Messianic Kingdom with extensive apex explanation and warning of the reality these sovereign rival human systems must face from God when the Messianic Kingdom under Jesus Christ goes blazing-ballistic on all opposers from heaven with billions of angels and the Royal Family “immortal Knights” of Christ and Jehovah “in a flaming fire” “cutting the days short”; (Matt24:21-22; 2Thess1:6-10; Rev14:1; 17-20).

But in any case these lively real-time “reports” in complete awareness are the key motivator of the “King of the North”. This “King of the North” has an ultimate super-natural “King of the North” as well in Gog’s parallel ascendancy, and apparently that is the target of Jehovah “reports” from the His “North” upon the demon world. We may note this “North King” complimentary symbol, is also reflected in the Dragon’s “seven-heads” mirroring the “seven-heads” of the national wildbeast of Revelation 13:1, and the apex “seven-heads” of the scarlet wildbeast of Rev17:3 as one whole 8th King – they ALL mirror Satan’s intellectual design as in this “north” polarity of power symbol over earth’s territory:

(Ezekiel 39:1-2) “And as regards you, O son of man, prophesy against Gog, and you must say, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Here I am against you, O Gog, you head chieftain of Meshech and Tubal. 2 And I will turn you around and lead you on and cause you to come up from the remotest parts of the north and bring you in upon the mountains of Israel.

We see the parallels are the “reports” that “will turn you (Gog) around and lead you on and cause you to come up from the remotest parts of the north and bring you in upon the mountains of Israel”. This includes the same “Israel” destination as the Daniel 11:45 “between the grand sea and the holy mountain” that the “King of the North” ends up at as part of that “congregation” of Gog:

(Ezekiel 38:14-16) 14 “Therefore prophesy, O son of man, and you must say to Gog, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Will it not be in that day when my people Israel are dwelling in security that you will know it? 15 And you will certainly come from your place, from the remotest parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great congregation, even a numerous military force. 16 And you will be bound to come up against my people Israel, like clouds to cover the land. In the final part of the days it will occur, and I shall certainly bring you against my land, for the purpose that the nations may know me when I sanctify myself in you before their eyes, O Gog.”’

The parallel event show more members of this “congregation” as also armies and “kings of the earth” which are national powers under 8th King control, ultimately the “King of the North” in Daniel’s account of the final globalist ascendancy and attack:

(Revelation 19:19-21) And I saw the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage the war with the one seated on the horse and with his army. 20 And the wild beast was caught, and along with it the false prophet that performed in front of it the signs with which he misled those who received the mark of the wild beast and those who render worship to its image. While still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulphur. 21 But the rest were killed off with the long sword of the one seated on the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth. And all the birds were filled from the fleshy parts of them.

This is the congregation and reminder of the divine challenge of Joel 3:9:

(Ezekiel 38:7) “‘“Be ready, and let there be preparation on your part, you with all your congregation, those congregated alongside you, and you must become their guard.

But Satan’s “guardianship” as usual, is of no success:

(Ezekiel 38:18-20) “‘And it must occur in that day, in the day when Gog comes in upon the soil of Israel,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘that my rage will come up into my nose. 19 And in my ardor, in the fire of my fury, I shall have to speak. Surely in that day a great quaking will occur in the soil of Israel. 20 And because of me the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the wild beasts of the field and all the creeping things that are creeping on the ground and all mankind that are upon the surface of the ground will be bound to shiver, and the mountains will actually be thrown down and the steep ways will have to fall, and to the earth even every wall will fall.’

And Satan and the demons go incarcerated to abyss as POW:

(Revelation 20:1-3) And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven with the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand. 2 And he seized the dragon, the original serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3 And he hurled him into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him

So just because the “King of the North” has this intent: “he will certainly go forth in a great rage in order to annihilate and to devote many to destruction.” does not imply success, but the final trigger to this final event:

(2 Thessalonians 1:6-10) This takes into account that it is righteous on God’s part to repay tribulation to those who make tribulation for you, 7 but, to you who suffer tribulation, relief along with us at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his powerful angels 8 in a flaming fire, as he brings vengeance upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus. 9 These very ones will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction from before the Lord and from the glory of his strength, 10 at the time he comes to be glorified in connection with his holy ones and to be regarded in that day with wonder in connection with all those who exercised faith, because the witness we gave met with faith among you.

No wonder “there is no helper for him”.

(Joel 3:11) To that place, O Jehovah, bring your powerful ones down.

And that “place” is this “place”:

(Revelation 16:13-16) And I saw three unclean inspired expressions…come out of the mouth of the dragon and…the wild beast and…the false prophet. 14 They are…expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty… 16 And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.

Part 5 – The Daniel 11:44 Reports

Sovereign Ultimatum? Revealed Awareness? Rival Sovereign Envy? All Three?

Now to cover the nature of this Daniel scripture’s term “reports” in relation to the “Good News of God’s Kingdom”:

(Daniel 11:44-45) “But there will be reports that will disturb him, out of the sunrising and out of the north, and he will certainly go forth in a great rage in order to annihilate and to devote many to destruction.

We see this period parallels this event:

(Ezekiel 38:10-12) “This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, ‘And it must occur in that day that things will come up into your heart, and you will certainly think up an injurious scheme; 11 and you must say: “I shall go up against the land of open rural country. I shall come in upon those having no disturbance, dwelling in security, all of them dwelling without wall, and they do not have even bar and doors.” 12 It will be to get a big spoil and to do much plundering, in order to turn your hand back upon devastated places reinhabited and upon a people gathered together out of the nations, one that is accumulating wealth and property, those who are dwelling in the center of the earth.

Important: Great Tribulation is a Premeditated, Planned, Engineered Event with Goals

We know firstly of another “injurious scheme” that also is the climax of this period, and roughly parallels this period as this is the “congregation” of “those who make tribulation for you” in Paul’s climax account of God “repaying tribulation upon those who MAKE tribulation”. That account in 2Thessalonians 1:6-10 is the “cutting short of the days”; (Matt24:21) of the “great tribulation” an engineered event, here the overall “things will come up into your heart, and you will certainly think up an injurious scheme” and includes the full designs of the objectives of that “great tribulation”. It is a culmination as well of Satan’s “woe to the earth” progression of his “short period of time” a period concurrent and shared with the wildbeast system as a whole; (Rev17:10). The GT itself therefore has a number of objectives beyond just Babylon the Great’s removal, but also the “persecution and oppression” in the definition of “tribulation” associated with the climax of the “compulsion” upon ALL earth’s remaining inhabitants to give full allegiance and servitude to the wildbeast:

(Luke 21:34-36) 34 “But pay attention to yourselves that your hearts never become weighed down with overeating and heavy drinking and anxieties of life, and suddenly that day be instantly upon you 35 as a snare. For it will come in upon all those dwelling upon the face of all the earth. 36 Keep awake, then, all the time making supplication that you may succeed in escaping all these things that are destined to occur, and in standing before the Son of man.”

So this obligatory 666 “compulsion” will also have an apex culmination in the GT final phases:

(Revelation 13:15-17) ..the image of the wild beast should both speak and cause to be killed all those who would not in any way worship the image of the wild beast. 16 And it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead, 17 and that nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name.

Undeniable Pattern Emerges: Tribulation “Problem” Births Globalist “Solution”

We may also note that two previous sub-climactic periods of global “tribulation” in great, but limited extent were also engineered in World War 1(1914) and World War 2 (1939). We also note that that particular “pangs of distress” put upon mankind at BOTH those periods did give birth to global government presentations before mankind. First the “image of the wildbeast” in the embryonic 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” hub system forum of the League of Nations in 1919. Is this merely a coincidence that the global “problem” of World War 1 just so happened to give birth to the globalist world governmental “solution” for “peace and security” in “mankind’s only hope” in this 8th King “League of Nations”? Maybe that could be said then, but after World War 2’s “tribulation” the very same “problem” and “solution” pattern emerged again as the United Nations, with again a whole host of globalist focused intra-national support organizations like NATO, the IMF and World Bank among many other specialized “bodies” also coming into existence as globalist tentacle systems. Now a clear pattern had emerged, and that will repeat for a repetition for emphasis 3rd time, the “great tribulation”. The “tribulation” is an engineered tool with a known main objective, among the many also being achieved in these nasty events for also profit and human sacrifice.

Tribulation is a 666 Vehicle

The main point is “great tribulation” MUST give birth to something the globalist and Dragon system want to achieve as the foremost objective, previously global governmental progressions of the 8th King system and public presentation. Though Babylon the Great is first setup and judged by God in this “power-shift” sequence of “power and authority” transfer in Revelation 17:12-18, sovereign power seizure to completion is the wildbeast and “ten kings” goal of removing this system, the wealth transfer motivates the indebt national “ten kings” but all of them get BTG off their back and consolidate the power vacuum to themselves, ultimately for scarlet wildbeast primary benefit. Gog obviously can now fill in that interface that BTG used to occupy but not as a free-loading protected “rider”, but as the :guard” and lead of the whole system possession, the complete manifestation of Satan, for direct global worship, and indirect as before through the wildbeast systems which are provided at globalist and national scale for the terrorized masses, just as in the two previous world war “tribulations”.

(Ezekiel 38:12) It will be to get a big spoil and to do much plundering, in order to turn your hand back upon devastated places reinhabited and upon a people gathered together out of the nations, one that is accumulating wealth and property, those who are dwelling in the center of the earth.

The Plunder

Well seeing that the 8th King globalists will pretty much have the world in their pocket, the “wealth” of Jehovah’s people in physical terms is a drop in the bucket at this world absorption climax period of Gog and his “congregation”. Which in itself raises questions:

(Ezekiel 38:13) 13 “‘Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all its maned young lions—they will say to you: “Is it to get a big spoil that you are coming in? Is it to do much plundering that you have congregated your congregation, in order to carry off silver and gold, to take wealth and property, to get a very great spoil?”’

We know sovereignty and control and power in that definition is the goal of this Gog attack, as well as Satan’s general hatred of those NOT submitting to his own sovereignty since the Edenic sin; (Heb2:14; Luke4:5-8; Job2:4) This plunder is of “treasures” in of course “Kingdom interests” in the very people Jehovah owns. It is also the destruction of the culmination of a certain other “treasure” that will be at it’s “gold and silver” clarified finest; (Mal3):

(Colossians 2:3) Carefully concealed in him are all the treasures of wisdom and of knowledge.

That is the treasures, wealth and property as well, that Satan seeks to “carry off” in destruction. He wants to destroy the truth. Jehovah permits it to sanctify the truth and add a final chapter to it!

(Ezekiel 38:15-16) And you will certainly come from your place, from the remotest parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great congregation, even a numerous military force. 16 And you will be bound to come up against my people Israel, like clouds to cover the land. In the final part of the days it will occur, and I shall certainly bring you against my land, for the purpose that the nations may know me when I sanctify myself in you before their eyes, O Gog.”’

Jehovah and Christ, by impending “reports” of the final “taunt of doom”; (Joel 3:9) carried out to completion in the fiery response conquest assured themselves dictate by Jehovah’s appointed times just when this climaxes:

(Ezekiel 39:1-2) “And as regards you, O son of man, prophesy against Gog, and you must say, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Here I am against you, O Gog, you head chieftain of Meshech and Tubal. 2 And I will turn you around and lead you on and cause you to come up from the remotest parts of the north and bring you in upon the mountains of Israel.

And that’s all he wrote:

(Ezekiel 38:18-20) 18 “‘And it must occur in that day, in the day when Gog comes in upon the soil of Israel,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘that my rage will come up into my nose. 19 And in my ardor, in the fire of my fury, I shall have to speak. Surely in that day a great quaking will occur in the soil of Israel. 20 And because of me the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the wild beasts of the field and all the creeping things that are creeping on the ground and all mankind that are upon the surface of the ground will be bound to shiver, and the mountains will actually be thrown down and the steep ways will have to fall, and to the earth even every wall will fall.’

(Ezekiel 39:2-4) And I will turn you around and lead you on and cause you to come up from the remotest parts of the north and bring you in upon the mountains of Israel. 3 And I will strike your bow out of your left hand, and your arrows I shall cause to fall out of your own right hand. 4 On the mountains of Israel you will fall, you and all your bands and the peoples that will be with you. To birds of prey, birds of every sort of wing, and the wild beasts of the field I will give you for food.”’

(Ezekiel 38:21-23) 21 “‘And I will call forth against him throughout all my mountainous region a sword,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah. ‘Against his own brother the sword of each one will come to be. 22 And I will bring myself into judgment with him, with pestilence and with blood; and a flooding downpour and hailstones, fire and sulphur I shall rain down upon him and upon his bands and upon the many peoples that will be with him. 23 And I shall certainly magnify myself and sanctify myself and make myself known before the eyes of many nations; and they will have to know that I am Jehovah.’


Spirit Realm “Heavens”:

Satan manifests in total unity and direct power as the lead symbology of the ultimate rival sovereign of God in “King of the North”, “Gog” and the “Dragon” Satan the Devil.

Human Realm “Earth”:

The human sovereign counterpart system at the “northern” most ascendancy is the globalist 8th King scarlet wildbeast system, also the “King of the North” in that earth component and realm of power, yet employing the total world system in it’s “southern” base polarity as the 7th King and the “ten king” completeness.

The entire biblical prophetic symbolic patterns all converge, in one massive symphonic rival sovereign convergence into the ultimate conflict with God and Christ and their Kingdom sovereignty also apexing to 144000th “seal” and “stand”; (Rev7; 14), as all these systems apex simultaneously globally and even spirit universally as well. A true biblical and real world climax is foreseen now, biblically described to the fullness of the meaning of it all in both earthly and heavenly realms that will be affected by “new heavens” and “new earth” developments of Jehovah God.

The truth is also climaxing along with the import of the message of the “good news” of God’s Kingdom.

The King of the North super-symbology is also a perfect centerpiece from which the false-prophet and 8th King systems will proclaim the final blasphemous “peace and security” while Christ’s Messianic Kingdom is preparing to ACTUALLY bring “true peace and security” to planet earth and the heavenly realms devoid of demon instigations. This obviously also targets the subjects of the “reports” phase to demon realm “north” notifications along with earthly realm “east/sunrising” notifications preceding the “disturbance” and “rage” of the King of the North and God and Christ’s final response at Armageddon “war of the great day of God the Almighty”.



Temple Judgment Background – Governing Body Covers Up “King of the North” Actual 8th King Meaning

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