The Red Pill

The Red Pill

As Jehovah’s witnesses the BIBLE must be the basis of TRUTH; If we lose that ability to reason from the Bible, then problems will arise, BIG problems are coming;


The Bible Logic

On careful examination it is obvious the USSR cannot “be successful until the denunciation will have come to a finish” and cannot fulfill Daniel 11:36, or the rest for that matter; (Your Will be Done addressed this while the USSR was active, the Daniel Prophecy book bypasses this sentence entirely in Daniel 11:36; chap. 16 pp. 275-276)

They bypass this very important line of prophecy because the USSR cannot fulfill it, but they want JWs believing it is all valid, it is a diversion of what Daniel 11:30-43 is REALLY about, globalist King North activities since 1990)

And that just happens to be the 3rd placement of the UN “disgusting thing” after the cold WW3 as well;

(Who can ignore these things? ONLY purposeful operatives playing dumb with a further agenda, that is who ignores the 3rd placement of the UN in 1990; (Awake! 9/8/1991))

That is because the King North is the globalist 8th King system that the GB is covering for, and is also the main development of the “small horn” in the Daniel 8:11-14 temple transgression as infiltrators as an “army (of JWs) is gradually given over” to globalist control as per Daniel 11:30; (Dan8:12 is also Daniel 11:41, and that is progressive to final coup soon;

Same Sovereign Container = 8th King “North” Apex Globalists

They are all the same progression, Daniel 11:30-45 is also Daniel 8:11-25 relevancy of the globalist final 4th placement in world history at Daniel 8:25 and 11:45;

There is NOT going to be “four fronts” of JW attack as per Dan8:25; 11:45; Rev19:19-21 and Eze38;

Those are ALL the same globalist 8th King attack with Gog as King of the North Sovereign Juggernaut of all time that Christ wipes out in one sovereign defiant container;

Temple Judgment in Final Completion Progression

What is coming is NOT the end, but the beginning of the next globalist 10 years world development cycle through WW4 to depose BTG and national sovereignty worldwide;

And THAT is why they want to retire the JW world organization, so no one sees all four stands of the UN globalist system, in 1919 WW1, 1945 WW2, 1990 WW3 and the final stand a number of years from now;

That is why the keep JWs hanging at Daniel 11:43, which has NOT fulfilled in the USSR, they want to coup the JW system in the next HUGE globalist world cycle of terror and war developments to create the WW4 stage for the final UN 4.0 placement as image AND as world sovereign global government;

But God has already outlined what will actually take place after the GB are purged as well, in this final desolation, with their infiltration operation;

What is coming on the JW org is a temple judgment, NOT the end of it all, but the beginning of the final replication cycle leading to the Revelation 11 second witnessing of the “two witnesses”;

Hence, TWO “witnesses”

It must equal “seven times” as 2520 days in Revelation 11 completion; The 1260 days must replicate as 3.5 times again, completing “seven times” as per divine decree;


Divine Update After Desolation
This respects our 1914-1918 foundation of temple, and merely continues at 1990’s imposter GB diversion point, and updates JWs to reality through this desolation drive that God cuts off after Dan8:14 runs it’s course as Zech3:4-7 purifications at Hosea 1:7 angelic covert strike on these globalists attacking JWs from within and without;





Keep an open mind there and spread the REAL news!!! This will hit soon, and it’s going to hit HARD;

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:44 am Post subject: Quite Logical and in Sight of Activation Now!!!
It is far out! But right around the corner;

It is unique because it respects the initial temple cycle of 1914-1918 and the significance of Daniel 12:7 and 12:11 regarding Daniel 7:25-26 in 1919-1922;

Those are realities because this Kingdom has publicly laid claim to every square inch of the planet here, AND the moon too boot! AND the Milky Way and Sagitarius A-Star, the whole kit&kaboodle!!! And that is no joke;

The Messianic Kingdom TRUE ambassadorship is now telling the 8th King UN system to surrender or scram, or be annihilated, and that is what it is boiling down to, because when number 144000 hits “pay dirt” after this 1260 day final warning the UN and all opposing national powers will be laid to destruction permanently and anyone in those system can repent and live;

So, God is trying to save people, and replicating the big pattern FOR YEARS, rather than drop in like a meteor, will get through to many people;

God is also unfolding this upon a well know former pattern of fulfillment with a similar dire warning, Christ aint here to squabble with bankers and warlords, he is here this time for completion of conquest;

This will also be marked by MASSIVE world events, 2300 units of 1150 days of JW org destruction right in front of everyone’s face, 6 trumpets and bowl of God and globalist “plagues” and heralds, and a lead-in to the final 1260 days;

Now add that up and there is at least 7 years of prophetic marked cycles in that 1150 day signal, and the 1260 day final warning cycle to 144000 temple completion;

Plus there is a recovery and globalist world drive all taking place with definitive relationships to the 6 trumpets (JW system judgments (1-4) and recovery (5-6)) that will PARALLEL the 6 bowls of plagues that will be undeniable as these all unfold due to World War 4 prelude, deployment, and resolution to birth the final UN presentation of apex King North, 8th King globalist one world governmental image AND worldwide “scarlet wildbeast” system;

That can take another 3 to 7 years to just get to the 1260 days, which ends in the 7th trumpet and 7th bowl “Air Strike” of God Almighty and Christ in this planetary system;

So we are talking a 10 to 14 year cycle where all people can decide for themselves what this all means as BTG and national powers are sovereign pawned; BTG to complete removal for Gog direct power, and national powers to absolute globalist ownership by debt intrigue to BTG capital aided recovery to final globalist financial rulership as per Daniel 11:42-43 as Revelation 17:12-18 zeniths in prgressive sovereign consolidation into globalist world power;

BOTH God’s Kingdom and the globalist 8th King system will be in neck to neck developments to apex their respective systems at the same time!!!!

And we will have a decade or more to watch this unfold; Say 7-10 to 21 years, or so to complete Armageddon, it will be marked by God because He wants to SAVE people, not destroy them;

The smashing of the Jehovah’s witnesses system, given to the UN powers it is in bed with, will be the critical SIGNAL event with another GB aligned globalist world event as in 1990, 2001 and this monster world event coming up, the BIG ONE for this World War 4 drive!!!!


So, God is brilliant in prophetic symphony! This explains the last chapter in the JW book for this particular GB “lawless one” intrigue mucking up the divine works temporarily;

Yet they set up their own checkmate, with their synchronous globalist support move, and that sets up the globalist system for an utter exposition of operations as the group now controlling the Jehovah Witnesses corporate network;

These GB renegades and company control diverted teachings of subterfuge, global WTBTS financial re-architecture into globalist derivatives (Eze7:22), logistical set-up in 230 lands for herding and JW extermination planning (as already predictively programmed in WT), all with a big GT hoax in place in illusion, all run from the very Governing Body too many Jehovah’s Witnesses are worshiping and obeying like the GB Pope Pied Pipers of doom as globalist operatives running this org since 1990 in full manifestation of UN allegiance and prophetic cover-up of prophecy;

God has nailed them as exposed to their face;

There is NO WAY to stop this now;

The GB coverup has failed; God has opened this all up to excruciating detail prior to GB ground zero; God has thrown a handful of scorpions into Lett’s & Loesch’s pants; The divine laser dot is on the GB “man of lawlessness” forehead from God irremovable until angelic trigger time of Zech3:4-7 ends as Hos1:4-7 for the trumpet cycle;

The Governing Body in any spiritual fraud Acts 15 hybrid capacity as a non-biblical entity that they are, are history in their own time; They have been non-biblical from day one;

Now God is adjusting their reality, they KNOW they are not Christian, much less anointed, much less an actual Biblical “body”, they are a worldly mundane corporate “board of governors” NOT a body that overrides even one apostle; (Act15:1-33)

The GB itself is a hoax;

And the modern final “man of lawlessness” revealed prior to judgment; 2Thess2:3-4

And self revealed public frauds (fulfilling 2Thess2:3-4) as the pinnacle non-biblical “body” of deception masquerading as God’s anointed;


Now we will all watch this start soon; (1Pet4:17 is Dan8:11-14)

And recall, this is going to drag on for a while, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE THE GB TRY TO SEND YOU COME “EMERGENCY” TIME;


Temple Elements That Must Repeat – Like The Man of Lawlessness


Dear Brothers and Sisters

1914-1918 was temple foundation that we all accept because it is Bible truth;

But that is just the FOUNDATION;

There must be a temple COMPLETION FULFILLMENT cycle that FULLY FULFILLS ALSO the 3.5 times of Revelation 11:2-3 as 7 complete times of the divine decree;

Remember the Seven Times of 2520 years of the “appointed times of the nations”?
Well that repeats as 2520 days after the 2520 years starting in 1914 when the 7 times in years ended;
Great Temple 144000 Completion Phase and Finality: World Conquest

That means the entire Kingdom and temple COMPLETION cycle of that initial minor FOUNDATION fulfillment of 1914 MUST repeat as well with also the 1260 days repeating to full 2520 days as the final warning period prior to temple completion – and Armageddon;

Other elements also must replicate as well;

***Such as the “man of lawlessness”;

The temple transgressors MUST “lift themselves over everyone”; They are also involved in the fulfillment of Daniel 11:30-31 in the 3rd UN stand in 1990 in history of this 8th King progression;

That is also the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:11-14;
All that fulfills due to union with the UN ambassadorship of 1991; (See Awake! 9/8/1991 as the GB placed the “disgusting thing” at Bethel in 1991 as 3rd UN placement world promoters for 10 years;)

The “man of lawlessness” is NOT going to explain TEMPLE COMPLETION TRUTH;

Rather than explain that the King of the North cannot be the USSR as well, but MUST be 8th King globalists, is being covered up with an “operation of error” as per temple fulfillment prophecy;

Zech3:4-7 requires a temple cleansing due to these imposter’s profanations with the wildbeast UN unions;

Templelijah is an anointed Jehovah’s witness;

We are nearing the final fulfillment mode of Revelation 8-11, and the “man of lawlessness” in that final temple cycle is now revealed as well, which means technically, the final temple judgment cycle is already beginning to repeat!!!

The GB is NOT going to tell anyone about this prophetic truth; We Jehovah’s Witnesses are going into judgment to remove the fraud GB liars;


What Jehovah’s Witnesses Need To Know About the Seven Times of Revelation 11
JW Full Infiltration Reverse Engineered

Governing Body Man of Lawlessness? – Three Degrees of Separation in 1990
Prophetic Diversion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1990


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