Update to Accurate Daniel 8:14 Timed Temple Judgment Explanation

Daniel 8:14 2300 Days


This entire interpretation is wrong, below; Just keeping a record of it when it was overlayed with an erred assumption of temple completion in Daniel 8:14; But in fact this is Dan8:11-14 temple cleansing, the 1150 days minimum that precedes temple completion 1260 days by a period of time;

These are the correct understandings:

Daniel 8 Unique Future Fulfillment and World Signal Event

Daniel 8 Future JW Temple Cleanse Basic Proofs

Daniel 8 Future JW Temple Cleanse Basic Proofs 2


So what is your view of the 2300 days at Daniel 8?

(Daniel 8:13-14) “How long will the vision be of the constant feature and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both the holy place and the army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings; and the holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.”

(Revelation 9:16) And the number of the armies of cavalry was two myriads of myriads: I heard the number of them.

I have some little sketches, and that 1040 scrawled around the margins. Now I am aligning that period, with the 1260 end point, not the beginning, due to the significance of what “bringing the holy place into it’s right condition” finally entails, full Temple completion. More in a second.

You are seeing all this sort of “coming together” and though we have work to do with God’s guidance, and it is for a reason – more will be opened in time, on time. But I am not certain about many things here of course, at the same time certain about others, for example KN. KN has absolutely no question in me any longer.

Just want to cover a few things before that 2300.

KN will be the domino that Jehovah will have to get into the org, maybe even knock over part of it with this key KN domino – it is a global key figure as well, it is the whole “missing link” to Michael. Whewww, not a good place to stick your head, old KN.  Our current org though has a little compromise since after Franz’s death, in fact it was developing in his own time. (Fit’s the patterns as well)

That divinely allowed development provides the little lull in enlightenment. (Where the GB is right now, for 16 years plus) But as you can see, Jehovah is developing these things anyways to excruciating detail in His own fullness from within His own word and former patterns. Jehovah is up to something BIG in other words.

This also fits the pattern of the 16 year lull in Zerub’s time of 536 BCE, to 520 BCE.  But now, there is 20 years of various subtle evidence since 1992, the GB needs a “jump start” and the “two witnesses” obvious second final reality is that “jump start” BIG TIME.

Soon, these things will continue to surface more and more, knocking on the GB door, the faithful members inside, for we may have a “five foolish virgins” development in the whole Org.

They have to rectify also some serious infractions involving sanctification of Jehovah.  SERIOUS things have been broached by the GB and board of directors.

So no matter what develops, always defend the faith, Jehovah, Christ, the GB, the FDS and the true Org (one flock – that is the Org to me, ALL the brothers and sisters in any form divine or human), BECAUSE JEHOVAH WILL NOT ABANDON THIS VESSEL – EVEN IF GABRIEL AND OTHER ANGELS HAVE TO COME IN AND HELP “CLEAN HOUSE”.


Jehovah is merely upgrading the Org GB, to full 144000, Jehovah and Christ are Ultimate GB ultimately.


In The Meantime…

As you know, and as you said, the truth and the “proof” are already sitting in God’s word, it does have to prove itself for us to accept even the theories as worthwhile, but the certainty will “click in” in time to whatever degree Jehovah already has “programmed” into His word.

So like KN, once we “see” it it cannot be “unseen”, that one is now too obvious, and much of that is God’s clues regarding KN, and common sense with research into global recent history and modern trends, KN actually exposes himself very well since 2007. This “capital vacuum” is the effects of “beating plowshares into swords” worldwide as per Joel 3:9-12. So we have like 7 super dynamic prophecies in the biggest overdrive they have ever been in globally, and most people are totally oblivious to this fact.

Jehovah is opening this up, because it is not long until this EU and US finance “lobotomy”, to put in the 8th king predatory finance brain “stem”, WILL start to have great ramifications. That is when they like to juice it with a war or terror event, we do not know. They can also “forgive debt”, but that will cost 666. They are setting for total finance control, well a big percentage.


And make a note, in Jesus 7 day final temple series, leading to the middle of the week of days, AND the week of years, those patterns are also important in all this – they are the real master pattern. So in some cases we have very ancient (Noah) patterns, ancient Israel patterns, Christ era patterns, all manifesting in 1914 patterns, all leading to the final actual manifestation of the reality all those patterns are leading to.

We have been given the truth, and Jehovah is not just giving it to us once, He is drilling it in again and again, He is giving it twice! LOL

Sorry this is diverging but it is EXTREMELY important, even our errors, and our being guided is great evidence first off, Jehovah is in total control, from 2 thousand years ago written down and verbally delivered by prophets and Christ. Of course since the beginning as well.

Jehovah WILL fulfill ALL t he prophecy, as one big prophecy, with ALL these inter-related parts, that had we just been “imagining” the framework alone, it would be IMPOSSIBLE. This is IMPOSSIBLE to contrive.

Even the timing of opening this all up NOW, at this very set of months, is a prophetic guarantee fulfilling, this is a great sign.

What I mean to say, is even the GB situation currently is divine prophecy, it is going to all lead to a pattern, that MUST repeat, and all these pieces of certainty, and massaging to the divine certainty intended, are now inter-relating at times in 5 and 10 sets of 3 and 4 scriptural cross references and common sense, as well as “pure language” holy spirit license to read into wordings that actually have even in single terms, great divine significance. It truly is the word of God, that by holy spirit, those prophets wrote down EXACTLY the specific wording and sequential phases required perfectly, their “recall” became absolutely, divinely guided perfection for that period of the “conduit” use of God’s spirit.

It was no accident also that Jehovah had anointed translation. Jehovah had Franz’s life extended to watch over the Org and truth. When he left, things DID change. But it will NOT stop Jehovah.


So I am not certain until I am certain by that spirit in more ways than one, upon that word proving itself, and as you know others will be involved in this final progression, because God’s spirit, as stated in Zech4:6-8, is going to drive this to motivation and completion to the maximum event. God is controlling all this revelation now, as usual, but this is crucial now, we are entering the final “two witnesses” phase at some point. That is when Christ “stages” at “Bethany”. Once that period is really entered, there is no holds barred any longer by Christ, though they will not be globally manifested, or even in “sign of the son of Man” mode, but a few years even before it, the sheep marked for “great crowd” will be secretly FULLY protected by angels. Anything being sifted will not. And of course some may simply be willed to offer the complete glorification, to die for the faith. In any class, that is a special “club”.

(Zechariah 9:8) And I will encamp as an outpost for my house… 


I’ll get to that 2300 days ideas I have mulled around, currently I am back burnering it, but I believe the 6th trumpet “armies” of the “other sheep” (in FINAL mode), which are preceded by the 5th seal anointed locusts (BEFORE full extermination and gathering in the final fulfillment, leading to the 1260, or in it to some degree), is the same “army” in Daniel 8:14, that is that “army” (other sheep army at some point) can still apply, even if the anointed complete as Rev 9, leads to Rev 10-11 finality at some point – yet the “army” of the “other sheep” WILL “dwell in security” – Kingdom angelic security, even though “with no wall” because the “holy city” will have been 100% trampled at some point leading to Gog and that prophetic development worldwide.

(Zechariah 14:2) And I shall certainly gather all the nations against Jerusalem for the war; and the city will actually be captured and the houses be pillaged, and the women themselves will be raped. And half of the city must go forth into the exile (144000 remnant completed/ sword or “captive” Rev 13:9-10); but as for the remaining ones of the people (GC), they will not be cut off from the city.

So the Gog AND KN “drawn in” event, and the “rage”, THEN the “palatial tents”, and full Eze38-39 Rev19-:19-21 Gog “congregated congregation”, are apexing just as (approximately) the 144000 Messianic completion is ALSO culminating.

But again, that event is a period of time, the confusion modes (Zech14:13), the tech-wreck of mechanical mayhem mode (Zech 14:15) the super-natural “plagues” (Zech 14:12) will be thrown at these guys from all kinds of angles, by angels and 144000 (whenever it is they fully complete, and of course the ones already present before that time will be “active”) in perfect strategic deployment, where the “divine number”, the “expiration date” the very “tic toc” second of all these opponents will be known to the last heartbeat, to the last breath, at atomic precision, in powers not subject to ANY known material world limitations – faster that the speed of light, multi-tasking mental focus, multi-presence, complete “bending”, “distortion” and control of “reality”, no actual “time” (for angels) (Zech14:6), no “gravity”, the perfect application of powers and energies FOREIGN to this material world, able to disappear even matter, as if it never existed. No entropy! LOL.


This is why I know Jehovah illustrates this as all “instant destruction” and it is, but not all globally all at once, they can take their sweet time, because no one can touch anything protected by Jehovah anyways, they are already saved the very second the protecting arrival initiates, even before it is publicly manifest:

(Zechariah 9:8-9) And I will encamp as an outpost for my house, so that there will be no one passing through and no one returning; and there will no more pass through them a taskmaster, for now I have seen it with my eyes. 9 “Be very joyful, O daughter of Zion. Shout in triumph, O daughter of Jerusalem. Look! Your king himself comes to you. He is righteous, yes, saved; humble, and riding upon an ass, even upon a full-grown animal the son of a she-ass. 

That event was just a day after “Bethany” arrival, the “house” prefix word. I say this because I believe the complete recording of that 7 day finality of Christ is all important patterns. The Bethany arrival has meaning. Not the full arrival, the “near at the doors” closeness of Christ and all the angels, the staging event. Secretive, but real. A whole different state of JW history and experience. That is why I find Zech 9:8-9 significant, since it is very early in the overall 1260.

Even the 7 year cycle is interesting, not long after that anointing Christ first visited the “house”. At the last temple series, at the last of three visits in that first 3.5 days, Christ “sign of the conclusion” and presence, just happens to coincide with the 3.5 pattern of the 1260 approximate “sign of the son of man”.

I think that the 2300 overlay as you stated, if you said commences with the 1260 is one possible way of looking at it. Now though I think the “holy place brought into it’s right condition” is the “registration” node to drop that 2300 in at the finality of the “holy place in it’s right condition”, which is the permanent and final “right condition” the full 144000 Temple and Christ “Cap Stone” or Head Stone.

I talk about that later. You are helping me a lot, by jogging my mind, so that certain times, we may think indicate an event here, or there, may actually as you show, have a “period of time” unknown. We have a few of those here, sort of transition periods, not immediate events apparently, but times needing a little developmental maturation. We also have unknown commencement times. 1914 also shows this kinds of “transitional” uncertainty, but overall the pattern stick approximately with the big sequential “chunks” of the 1260 and 1290, and so on.

The Sevens

I also am theoretically entertaining this, as overlaying a principle upon the whole approximate “seven” overaly:

(Daniel 9:27) “And he must keep the covenant in force for the many for one week; and at the half of the week he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease.

Though about Christ’s 7 year pattern, it is interesting the full bodily exit of the 144000, the complete “measurement of the altar” of God’s will for this full “first fruits” sacrifice also approximately fits in here at this cessation of gift and sacrifice of the anointed, as with the firstfruit Christ. In fact, the final ones, even in the angelic gathering, are an actual “first-fruit” true cessation in the 144000th, a sort of total completion of that “gifts” in men.

I feel the “other sheep” keep “preaching” so to speak, aided by super-natural protection, they aid stragglers and others coming in, I feel Jehovah will be shepherding to the true last day. That’s why I think Rev 9, is related to the 2300 days, but I have put that way off in research for now. I was into and had it shown just when and when not, the 144000 are a complete unit. In Rev 8 final fulfillment, they are fully sealed, but some are still on earth:

(Revelation 8:3) and a large quantity of incense was given him to offer it with the prayers of all the holy ones upon the golden altar that was before the throne. 

I feel this Rev 8, is before the Rev 10 actual event of the staging, which precedes or coincides with the start of the 1260 day, in the final fulfillment. That “silence in heaven” is “reading” that now fully opened seven sealed scroll, that is leading to the recognition of the final “two witnesses” – but because we do not know exactly when it starts, an enlightened ministry begins forerunning it before the actual 1260, but we will know the 1260 is coming.

As the anointed go off the scene eventually after the 1260, the “other sheep” will continue to carry the torch, but that “angel” will in final fulfillment mode of Rev 10, have all earth symbol, and all sea symbol “under his feet” prior to the 1260, not destroyed, but in full “staging” mode preparing, meaning supernatural aid will be more and more present around the now forming “great crowd”, as the full 1260 prepares to commence. So, Rev 8 and 9 sort of fade into Rev 10 and 11, a FULLY opened “little scroll”, that as the anointed actually leave, as I see the final angelic gathering mode as the official completion mode, not the wildbeast or sword killed ones, so even anointed can have an interesting hope, “for those who are surviving”. At that time though, Rev 9 as far as “other sheep”, they are now completely super-naturally aided not for just protection, but to also be the point to gather into all saved final sheep, of that sheep/goat judgment phase, under way at that same period to climax – they have to answer, well, you did good to the brothers, so Christ saved you. Those surprised people of that prophecy.

(Daniel 8:13-14) “How long will the vision be of the constant feature and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both the holy place and the army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings; and the holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.”

BUT, lol.

2300 Hingepoint Theory

What if the 2300 is actually the precursor, meaning final fulfillment Rev 8/9 period of JWs beginning to understand that there is a final “two witnesses” (but this is not officially it yet), accepting it, but not knowing when it is actually commencing, and preaching towards it. That preparatory approaching period goes on for 1040 days, before the 1260 begins, ending both periods (1260/2300) at approximately the same time BUT at the actual full completion of the 144000, the finality “right condition” of the “holy place”.

But as you say, and I agree, we do not know how long after the 1260 “witnessing finished” until the WB completely, for that “killed number” (Rev6:9-11), kills his number – then we do not know how long the “gathering” finality is. BUT, at that event, they will not be trampling the “army” any longer, but the “army” is still useful for whatever God needs thm for.

This would mean, as a theory, that a 2.88 year approx period precedes the 1260 period divinely commenced period. Like a “two witnesses primer warm up” ministry. Sort of an informational, invitational, and warning work, much as we do anyways, BUT with a “Two Witnesses” explanatory focus. See, like 1918, the 1260 may have to be determined after the fact.

Not saying it will, it might. And that is because there was a time lapse between the “killing of the two witnesses” and the official final placement of that DT LON. Also, there was not an initial placement of the DT, the desolations is what marked the knowledge, ascertained after the fact, that the DT was desolating. That would be BTG GT in modern times. BUT, what if a seqway “desolation” actually is what leads to BTG.

We know BTG is going down, but the “stripping” mode, and the “make naked” mode, can be actually legislative “invasion”. They can begin “devastating” the harlot, and all it looks like is a change in times and law so to speak, laws governing BTG’s former protections and financial protections being removed, as they can be by mere rewriting and laws and regulations in “ten king” financial and sovereign advantage.

In their own delusion of the “one thought” because we know POSITIVELY, Rev17:12-18 is actually emptying the “ten kings” national sovereign “power and authority” into 8th King globalist actual super-sovereign alignment in tens upon tens of national powers currently aligned and opened up for these operations by their involvement with 2HornWB, as that beast operates through the “image” hub system, that that wildbeast created, “gave breath to”, for the very purpose of establishing elite super-sovereign connections into the tops of many nations. It is NOT just an “allegiance” to the UN of these nations, it is their elite powers, aligning their national puppet political systems, to actually “give their power and authority” to the 8th King scarlet WB system, FOR REAL.

I mean money/finance power, political/corporate power, and military power is the pinnacle of nation-state “power and authority”. And that is EXACTLY what these national powers have been duped to actually hand to the 8th King globalist system. And they do that, by their own “one thought” of hopefully preserving their own autonomous sovereignty.

See how great that sucker’s bait is at this level of real word power? They do NOT preserve their sovereignty though, in fact they give it away to the 8th King globalists, all the while thinking they are actually preserving their power systems, their soverign independence! And, “sovereignty” is NOT CHEAP, and that is exactly where they are initially suckered into relinquishing their ACTUAL national wildbeast systems to the globalist 8th King scarlet wildbeast unifiaction. They have no idea whatso ever that they have just been pawned.

Pawned so as to be more easily puppeted upon BTG. So, the 8th King elite powers will NOT have to get their hands dirty. They just have the poor, indebt, desperate national “ten kings” be their BTG strippers, butchers and burners! Brilliant! Well done!

But in that foray upon BTG, the “ten kings” are NOT going to be so discerning and able to distinguish “true religion” from “false religion”, so when they attack BTG, they will just feel JWs are but another religion, with booty to pillage, and sovereign power over the human masses to vanquish.

That is when this theoretical 2300 day, 1040 portion “two witnesses primer warm up” ministry may be marked leading to that wildbeast desolation upon them, but in the national periods of pre-gt warning as this 8th King is slowly assuming more national compromise, to a climax, but in this period, the “holy city”….

(Revelation 11:2) … has been given to the nations

As in the 1260 that leads to the climax “constant feature” total removal, and the 1040 is what sort of prepares the world for the inevitable, which matures as that 2300 series “armies” witness into the final progression into GT.

I don’t know if we will actually know any real period, that I can tell so far, or revealed so far, as to know when the 1260 will actually begin, but approximately marked by global DT events. Like 1914, WW1 had already been under way 5 months, before the 1260 of that time, and went on 5 more months approx, after it. At that time, the 1260 was “sandwiched” in the “desolation” preceding final DT placement.

But I do respect this “given to the nations” clue of Rev11:2, in this being the finality of both two witnessings of a related 2520 DAY “mini appointed times of the nations” by obvious reference to the “holy city being trampled by the nations” twice 1260, for 2520 fullness by this final fulfillment time ending. Hence Christ is giving us a clue possibly, as to the 2nd 1260 future commencement of that Rev 11:2 “trampling” on the “holy city”, as after the BTG or “holy city” “siege”:

(Luke 21:20-24) “Furthermore, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies…24 and they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations, until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled.
(Luke 21:20-24) “Furthermore, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. 21 Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains…

I marked the “begin” word because this reference which I believe could also relate to that Rev 10  stance, but this below sequence ends with “all the holy ones” a full 144000 house. So the “begin” applies below maybe, in that the Zech 14:4-5 sequence is either from the 1260 approx commencement, or what I call the “pillarhead” event of Amos 9:1-3.

(Zechariah 14:4-5) And his feet will actually stand in that day upon the mountain of the olive trees, which is in front of Jerusalem, on the east; and the mountain of the olive trees must be split at its middle, from the sunrising and to the west. There will be a very great valley; and half of the mountain will actually be moved to the north, and half of it to the south. 5 And you people will certainly flee to the valley of my mountains; because the valley of the mountains will reach all the way to Azel. And you will have to flee, just as you fled because of the earthquake in the days of Uzziah the king of Judah. And Jehovah my God will certainly come, all the holy ones being with him.

At Amos9:1-3 there is an event that is different than GT, because Jehovah himself is commanding that this event take place:

(Amos 9:1) I saw Jehovah stationed above the altar, and he proceeded to say: “Strike the pillar head, so that the thresholds will rock. And cut them off at the head, all of them. And the last part of them I shall kill with the sword itself.

That “pillar head” is a rival “crowning achievement” of a structure with global scale. I think it is the “palatial tents” timing possibly. This is also the time that would be the actual beginning climax events of the actual “war of God Almighty”, the REAL “sudden destruction” to be “instantly upon THEM”.

True, they may have a “peace and security” statement at initial DT placement. BUT that would be deceptive purposely upon the national powers, from the globalist powers of 8K/KN systems. See the brothers currently state things like “the nations will feel everything is getting better”. Yes, they might, BUT the “peace and security” is a false-prophecy that ORIGINATES with the DT, NOT the nations.

The point is, that THEM in “sudden destruction is to be instantly upon THEM” with ZERO escapees is NOT GT, but the end of GT, at final DT placement, and that THEM is the originators of that false-prophecy. Obviously that it the false-prophet AND all his unified infrastructures of sovereign rivalry, meaning the pinnacle KN, 8th King systems.

And it makes sense in the Amos 9:1-3 sequence because we see 2 waves of God driven destruction:

(Amos 9:1-2) I saw Jehovah stationed above the altar, and he proceeded to say: “Strike the pillar head, so that the thresholds will rock. And [1] cut them off at the head, all of them. And [2] the last part of them I shall kill with the sword itself. No one fleeing of them will make good his flight, and no one escaping of them will make his getaway. 2 If they dig down into Sheol…

That is when the elite and most heavily secured powers flee to bunkers and whatever in the ground, mountains, sea, and air or space.

So, the “peace and security” statement I believe will have a final placement DT event, when THEY say “peace and security” with the national powers completely emptied of any actual sovereignty as per Rev17:12-18 developing to full Daniel 11:43 domination of “Egypt” “gold/silver” and “all the desirable things”, AND BTG is completely vanquished as a Rev17:18 rival sovereignty, THEN is when THEY, the pinnacle elements from which the proclamation comes, it is THEN that THEY say “peace and security” – WITH TOTAL CELEBRATORY CONVICTION – WE RULE THE WORLD CHUMPS!!!!

That, like the culmination of the days before the flood, that like Babel’s full maturation, THAT IS WHEN Jehovah LOVES to throw in His own special brand of IN YOUR FACE FOOL! Classically, in the very few times God ACTUALLY directly acts to confound a human and demon climax event, this is one of those events. God throws a “monkey wrench” right down into their main gears.

That is why 1Thess5:1-3 is in final fulfillment, the actual divine strike event, the true heat of Jehovah’s Day.


So, though of course not certain, I feel destructions will be taking place throughout this period, here and there, etc, BUT that the entire period is a salvation gathering of “other sheep” literally becoming “other sheep” in this period, those surprised ones of Matt25:31-46, as well as people Jehovah judges NOT incorrigibly wicked, as per that 10-2011 WT on Armageddon, I have felt the same way. I feel the “great crowd” will be 50 or 100 million people. I understand why the brothers do not print stuff like this.

You see, many people will have “dried” out of the Euphrates demon BTG system. Many also have heard about JWs, but are just not opposers, just not inclined for whatever reason, BUT, they know what is happening enough from what they have heard, to make a connection that it is all real, and they can in faith, Jehovah will know, but in faith they will have already been aided by Jehovah, even “little ones” to call on His name.

And, He has to honor His offer. He will know whether it is real, or just a ploy, we cannot judge that, only God can.

I feel that too, because Noah had a full 7 day warning period as well:

(Genesis 7:4) For in just seven days more I am making it rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights;

And that would have to correspond to this “days” in the final “7” of some sort:

(Matthew 24:37-38) For just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be…until the day that Noah entered into the ark…


I think also as I showed you before the theory, the “1/3” of Rev 8 is that Zech 1/3 fire tested survivors.

(Zechariah 13:7-9) “O sword, awake against my shepherd, even against the able-bodied man who is my associate,” is the utterance of Jehovah of armies. “Strike the shepherd, and let those of the flock be scattered; and I shall certainly turn my hand back upon those who are insignificant.” 8 “And it must occur in all the land,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “that two parts in it are what will be cut off and expire; and as for the third part, it will be left remaining in it. 9 And I shall certainly bring the third part through the fire; and I shall actually refine them as in the refining of silver, and examine them as in the examining of gold. It, for its part, will call upon my name, and I, for my part, will answer it. I will say, ‘It is my people,’ and it, in its turn, will say, ‘Jehovah is my God.’”

All the patterns are important in Zechariah, many are related to Christ in the 33 CE patterns, and so will pop up in this final fulfillment phase.

I feel we have ignored many of these, because Jehovah had to wait to of course begin revealing that the final patterns apply to Jehovah’s witnesses, Christendom is headed or the demolition in this final phase, not a “weed” sifting, they are well IDd now, just a temple in Babylon the Great’s overall system also headed for that very same demolition.

So the betrayal, the striking the shepherd, and all the things subconsciously we seem to avoid, are what will actually become real in the “two witnesses” final phase. A “stumbling” so to speak, which occurs at various times since 1914, like WW2, like 75, will have a final “sifting” in my opinion.

GB is fitting a certain pattern. But that is it’s own topic, which of course is part of the precursor “temple measurement”, which is like a “rod” for specific reasons.




I. Temple Inspection and Cleansing – Before Great Tribulation (2300 Units)
II. Divine Commission of Jehovah’s Witnesses (In Approved State)
III. Great Tribulation – 1260 Days Begins
IV. 144000 Complete – Deep Great Tribulation (DGT) Intensifies – 1290 Days Begins
V. Triumphal Entry of Christ Finale
VI. Har-Magedon Global Conquest
VII. 1000 Year Reign Commences – Revelation 20:4-6

Bible Time Map of the End


Some Timelines of Approximate Globalist Final Developments Over Next 15 years:

Drawing: Globalist 40 Year Cycles Since 1910


Drawing: Final Temple Cycle 2014


Background on Autodesk (AutoCAD) DWF File type:


Drawing Web Format of Globalist 40 Year Cycles Since 1910 (1914) to Final World Government (ca. 2030)

Autodesk DWF Viewer

These are draft versions based on a 120 lunar year “last days” possible pattern since 10/1914, with projected 144000 Temple under Christ completion around 2030, commencing final 1290 day cycle; (Not that far off really;)

Globalist 4 Phases – 1990-2030

We can note that this sort of mirrors the previous globalist 1914 subterfuge and distraction from God’s parallel Kingdom development, as distraction and cover-up is the goal to lead the nations right to Divine Ground Zero straight from Sagittarius A in this final Kingdom/Temple completion cycle;

We will know when “Globalist World Event 3” hits, very soon;


I. Temple Inspection and Cleansing – Before Great Tribulation
II. Divine Commission of Jehovah’s Witnesses (In Approved State)
III. Great Tribulation – 1260 Days Begins
IV. 144000 Complete – Deep Great Tribulation (DGT) Intensifies – 1290 Days Begins
V. Triumphal Entry of Christ Finale
VI. Har-Magedon Global Conquest
VII. 1000 Year Reign Commences – Revelation 20:4-6



The JW temple judgment will be unmistakable in Bethel desolation event(s) as 1Peter4:17 is Daniel 8:13-14 activating as Revelation 8:1-6 SOON…

Mark timed Daniel 8:14 temple judgment at that time…

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Temple Judgment – Habakkuk’s Prophecy – Amazing 8th King Globalism

Temple Judgment – Zephaniah’s Prophecy of Temple and World Judgment

Temple Judgment – Nahum’s Prophecy of Infiltration and Bethel Judgment

Jehovah’s Witnesses Foretold Organized Apostasy Development in the Bible Symbols

Faithful and Discreet Slave Identified by God After Divine Temple Judgment

The Governing Body Popes and the Bethel Inquisition Fulfills Signal Prophecy Leading to Final Temple Judgment

The Governing Body “Apostolic Succession” – WT 7/15/13

Revelation 9 – “The Destroyer” and Temple Judgment

USSR Fails, Also Fails as King North, as UN Third Placement of 1990 Assumes King North Identity as 8th King!

US King South Lead Financial System Must Collapse into 8th King Control

World Recovery After World War 4 – Daniel 11:27-45 3rd and 4th Final United Nations Placements

United Nations Call For One World Currency Relates to Daniel 11:42-43 Cycle Starting Soon

8th King UN World Government Progress as Gauge to Armageddon Arrival

The Total World Judgment “The Judgment” Begins With Jehovah’s Witnesses

Temple Judgment Progression to Temple Completion – Table and Description

Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Daniel 8:13-14

FYI – The Verification Events Coming Soon as Timed Period

The Modern Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation

Governing Body Aided UN Aiding Subversion and Diversion Campaign (1976-2014 Approximated);

Be Careful What We Ask For – We Just Might Get It;Case in Point: “Let God’s Kingdom Come…”

Temple Prophecy in Jehovah’s Witnesses from Man of Lawlessness at Temple Inspection to Temple Judgment and Purification

GB Defender to the End!..? Or so I thought…That is Until I Found Out They Are The Foretold “Man of Lawlessness”…

Daniel 12 Repeats to UN 4th Placement as Complete World Government 8th King

Daniel 12:12 1335 Days Clues

Kingdom Come: The Final Revelation is the Final Replication of Prophecy

Seven Seals and Messianic Kingdom Birth and Completion

Simple Outline of Major Prophetic Milestones to Armageddon Divine War Finality

Worldwide Globalization Provides 8th King World Government Components

Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses



PDF “The Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation”;



8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones


8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones



Download Whole Templelijah Public Domain Website 12-11-2013




JWs – FLEE The JW Org!! – Matthew24:15

JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy Aids Cover Up of Final Cycle – UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle

On the Significance of the UN 1-2-3-4 Super-Cycle to 8th King World Government

Outline – UN has Four Cycles in World History and Bible Prophecy

The Trek to Armageddon in JW Known Prophecy

The Divine Advantage of the Prophetic Replication for Jehovah’s Witnesses

JWs – FLEE The JW Org!! – Matthew24:15

The “Event” JW Bethel is Planning For

How to Set-Up JWs Like 8th King Sitting Ducks

Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Daniel 8:13-14

FYI – The Verification Events Coming Soon as Timed Period

Kingdom Come: The Final Revelation is the Final Replication of Prophecy

UN Call For One World Currency Relates to Daniel 11:42-43 Cycle Starting Soon

Four Time World War to World Government Formula

Worldwide Globalization Provides 8th King World Government Components

Great Tribulation Phases and Meanings – 144000 Completion Prelude

144000 Completion First Priority and Christ’s Arrival

Enoch’s Clue of 144000 Completion Manner
















Near Future Final Phases to Armageddon and Christ’s Conquest

JW Globalization Ignorance = 1970 Forever

UN World Government Final Cycle Proof






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